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  • Virtuosity emanating from a spirit of beneficence is somewhat rare.
  • Dorothy could feel a tremendous radiation of love emanating from them.
  • Was it not rather an act emanating from affection for a particular man?
  • She has fed upon sweet odours emanating from his majesty.
  • The cruel weapon glittered in the light emanating from the paraffin lamps.
  • Suddenly they became aware of a strange fog emanating from one wall.
  • For the instruments emanating from authority, he refers to sl.
  • A faint jingling sound was at once audible, emanating from the basement.
  • Their eyes became one entity, emanating from both their minds and so joining.
  • This is no rash imputation, emanating from a gloomy, uncharitable spirit.
  • The French acknowledge no power not directly emanating from the people.
  • A tired snore, emanating from the transom, broke into a sleepy complaint.
  • I was told, but still, emanating from the pen of a lady, they were well paid.

How To Use Emanating From In A Sentence?

  • Middletown says that the radio waves emanating from them are strongly circularly polarized.
  • Radar pulses emanating from a presumably lifeless planetoid would be a dead giveaway.
  • A work emanating from so high a source hardly requires commendation to give it currency.
  • Was her lending him money philanthropy pure and simple, an act emanating from her love of mankind?
  • It is a spirit of ministering love corresponding to and emanating from the nature of God himself.
  • Sudden proposals, too, emanating from others, always nettled her; it narrowed her prerogative.
  • Mr. John said that he was, though he was surprised at such an opinion emanating from James.
  • Any proposition emanating from Judge Willis was systematically opposed by the Attorney-General.
  • Suddenly the darkness was pierced by a faint ray of light emanating from a mere pinprick of luminosity.
  • It consists of spiral coils emanating from a centre with a nucleus and surrounded by a narrow luminous ring.
  • When you practise in this way it would be well to imagine an audience before you and to render the speech as if emanating from your own mind.
  • The legend or antique rhyme emanating from its door expresses a characteristic he would not willingly see perish.
  • Again he waited, listening to the sounds emanating from the airship a hundred or a hundred and fifty feet overhead.
  • The worst abuses of power in a government actually emanating from the people, do not put it beyond their reach.
  • She evidently responded, only to impressions emanating from his more perfect and dominant, spiritual body.
  • On the other hand, the circular line often disappears as if it were unworthy to enclose the divine light emanating from the head.
  • Under the statute just now quoted newspapers were forbidden to publish anything emanating from the Klan.
  • Hence the idea of generation passed naturally into that of emanation, one divine being emanating from another as thought emanates from thought.
  • Messages emanating from the hostile squadron, registered by the wireless station, indicated that the enemy were still in the vicinity.
  • Projections emanating from the last-named planet could therefore have fallen upon the screen, which as we know faced westwards.
  • They stared into each other's eyes and Lloyd felt warm from the glow emanating from her.
  • The words of children are like the songs of birds, devoid of rhythm, and yet emanating from a hidden life within.
  • Cunningham had learnt particulars of all this when at Kirkdale, and now he listened to the programme emanating from the private dining-room.
  • Suddenly she thought of Chevalier, and she seemed to feel an influence emanating from him which was gliding along the walls of her bedroom.
  • His lips pursed in anger, and she saw anger emanating from his eyes, along with the storms of worry there, also.
  • As Dorothy opened her eyes, she could feel a tremendously strong vibration emanating from what had been the empty chair.
  • This decision, emanating from a peace court, and indorsing the principle of armed coercion, was received with no small degree of criticism.

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