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  • Nature is made to conspire with spirit to emancipate us.
  • If we only emancipate him, he will not let us go free.
  • The South will never consent to emancipate her slaves.
  • Would they by dissolving the Union emancipate a solitary slave in the South?
  • The members of the Society of Friends in Philadelphia emancipate their slaves.

How To Use Emancipate In A Sentence?

  • On the contrary the expression is that of one who seeks help and strives to emancipate himself.
  • No man can emancipate himself, unless at the same time he emancipates those around him.
  • Not all the Montenegrins have managed to emancipate themselves from the thraldom of the clan.
  • His object was to emancipate the fine arts, to get the sublime at a cheap rate.
  • Now it was the way of the Redeemer to emancipate from sin by the freeness of absolution.
  • For two hundred years they had borne it silently, without a single attempt to emancipate themselves.
  • He did not emancipate serfs; but he bequeathed a power which enabled his successors to loosen fetters with safety.
  • When the work is done, some of them emancipate themselves, think they will have a look at the country before retiring for good and all.
  • He might also emancipate an unmarried daughter, who thus in her own self became an independent family.
  • A slaveholder is under no obligation to emancipate his slave, provided the condition of the slave is made worse thereby.
  • He could not emancipate himself from, nay, it did not even occur to him to feel, the bondage of the ideas in which he had been born and bred.
  • Altogether, the system of help granted by the State is so bad that science has always endeavoured to emancipate itself from it.
  • They demanded, therefore, that Richard should emancipate them from this bondage, and make them free.
  • I do really believe this simple reform would do more to emancipate women, and, through their emancipation, to liberate men, than any other reform.
  • The point that is doubtful in the above revelation is the statement that the Emperor never meant to emancipate Venetia.
  • Heretofore mining has been to them all toil and little profit, and it has bound them in chains from which they will not easily emancipate themselves.
  • On the other hand, those who have been so unfortunate as to have had an unhappy home rarely emancipate themselves from the evil effects of their upbringing.
  • Was that a good reason why she should not emancipate her Macedonian brethren for whose sake she had waged a bloody and costly war with Turkey?
  • Sir Alexander and his friends set about trying to emancipate themselves from the jurisdiction of the Stewards of Strathearn.
  • Henry did not dream that this fiddling boy, Jefferson, was to be the potent pen of a Declaration which was to emancipate a hemisphere.
  • In later years women such as Mary Wollstonecraft, but more obscure, strove to emancipate themselves from the thralldom of the household.
  • History shows that there is nothing so easy to enslave and nothing so hard to emancipate as ignorance, hence it becomes the double enemy of civilization.
  • On the other hand, science can emancipate itself from such service and can rise in free independence to the pursuit of truth, in which the realization of its own aims is its proper function.

Definition of Emancipate

Freed; set at liberty. | To set free from the power of another; to liberate; as: | To free from any controlling influence, especially from anything which exerts undue or evil influence
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