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  • This conviction led him very early to believe in the emancipation of the slaves.
  • The cause of gradual emancipation and colonization will be cordially sustained.
  • But emancipation from domestic toil will not be brought about by small machines only.
  • With the movement for the emancipation and elevation of women, he was a sympathizer.
  • But the word "immediate" now prefixed to emancipation acted as a firebrand to gunpowder.
  • The emancipation of woman should be an accomplished fact by the declaration that she can do evil as well as good.
  • His benevolent heart throbbed with joy at the thought of her emancipation from the thralldom of her home.
  • The movement for woman's emancipation has so far made but the first step in that direction.
  • Complete and immediate emancipation is sometimes granted to a slave gratuitously, or for a future pecuniary compensation.
  • All of them were slaves, though most were so young at the time of emancipation as not to remember much of slavery days.
  • The admission partly represents the fundamental aspect of my views on the emancipation of woman and its effect upon the entire sex.
  • There is also another application for emancipation from a dyer who is now, he says, 60 years of age.
  • Permit me, then, to sign myself the friend of every effort for human emancipation in our own country, and throughout the world.
  • A reference to the arranging of terms between the Pomyeshchicks and peasants with regard to land at the time of the emancipation of the serfs.
  • This work has been written during irregular intervals, while I have been travelling and laboring for the emancipation of my enslaved countrymen.
  • And truly if emancipation has really done so much mischief in Jamaica as they claim, it is a most damaging fact.
  • We felt we stood for a new movement, not realising how perennially this same emancipation returns to those ancient courts beside the Cam.
  • In short, emancipation stood only for a reckless life of lust and sin; regardless of society, religion, and morality.
  • The right to vote, or equal civil rights, may be good demands, but true emancipation begins neither at the polls nor in courts.
  • The defeat of the Confederates, the loss of his sons, and the emancipation of his slaves, were blows from which he never recovered.
  • I do not recall the name of one man who favored emancipation as a policy and adhered to the Democratic Party.
  • The Act of Emancipation that severed the relation binding them to their masters, left them in a very forlorn and deplorable condition.
  • We complain of the severe losses which we have been forced to sustain by the emancipation of our slaves, and the vexatious laws which have been enacted respecting them.
  • In the mean time the commercial value of slaves has so decreased in view of their near emancipation that they are not appraised on an average at over fifty or sixty dollars each.
  • Above all, that their progress towards industrial emancipation would ever be helped along by the wives and daughters of the employing classes was unthinkable.
  • We fail in the religious education of our children if our teaching does not result in their final emancipation from a religion of mere authority and convention and their growth into a religion of the spirit.
  • He had begun his memorable career by circulating petitions in Vermont in 1828 in favor of emancipation in the District of Columbia.
  • The consistent development of modern psychology and its emancipation from vagueness and superficial analysis became possible only through the fact that such recourse to indescribable elements has become unnecessary.
  • The 50th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation was observed by a number of the states in September, 1913.
  • For the "extremists" it means the immediate and violent emancipation of India from British rule, and absolute independence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Emancipation | Emancipation Sentence

  • The emancipation of an inhibited American housewife.
  • Gradual emancipation of negroes in New York.
  • It has been less affected by emancipation than any other parish.
  • It was just two years after the general emancipation in that state.
  • No. XIX. Emancipation in Jamaica.
  • The coming emancipation of their women, demands some attention.
  • But woman, too, at last claims her share in the emancipation of humanity.
  • But happiness and emancipation from her many trials come to Rosemary at last.
  • A discussion of the emancipation of the Jews in the Batavian Republic.
  • Esmeer's idea came with an effect of real emancipation to several of us.

Definition of Emancipation

The act of setting free from the power of another, as from slavery, subjection, dependence, or controlling influence. | The state of being thus set free; liberation (used, for example, of slaves from bondage, of a person from prejudices, of the mind from superstition, of a nation from tyranny or subjugation).
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