Embarrassed in a sentence

Definition of Embarrassed

Having a feeling of shameful discomfort. | (archaic) Impeded; obstructed. | simple past tense and past participle of embarrass

How to use Embarrassed in a Sentence?

  • For during the time of my government they have not at all embarrassed me in any way.
  • It will be seen at once then how the fear of implicating them embarrassed me in the outset.
  • Hooker went into the living-room, visibly embarrassed in the presence of the great man.
  • Somewhat embarrassed to defend my position, I tried to help myself with a jest.
  • Lady Beldi remarked the action, and glanced mischievously at her embarrassed friend.
  • It then occurred to me that during the past few days my husband had been somewhat strange and embarrassed in his manner.
  • And the difficulties in regard to my former occupation which still embarrassed me were to be dispelled in the simplest way.
  • And, of course, with such a hardened gourmand for an ancestor, he was not embarrassed by his ridiculous posture.
  • Where another girl would have felt embarrassed and made some sound to relieve the tension, she almost held her breath to retain it.
  • The policeman, a young man, embarrassed by the sight of this half-dressed woman, swore softly to himself.
  • He was dreadfully embarrassed to be "caught in the act" as it were, by his great friend, the old airman.
  • Julius looked embarrassed an instant, and then replied, "I have begun it very recently.
  • He drew a long breath, and was silent, embarrassed for words before this mite, searching his mind in vain for the sweet jargon used by women.
  • As for Dixie, she seemed suddenly embarrassed and ill at ease, though she carried it off with her usual frontier recklessness.
  • As was the custom, a young man had charge of the meeting, and he stood, with a sort of embarrassed dignity, on the little platform behind the desk.
  • She couldn't be natural; she couldn't be anything but stiff and awkward; and she was aware all the time that Stephen was as embarrassed as she was.
  • But the thought that she should be thus financially embarrassed and placed in a dependent position, was most distressing to Mr. Carr.
  • She was not embarrassed by conjectures as to what, after her entry of last night, Mr. Drew might be thinking about her.
  • To be haughtily indignant with this honest-eyed, embarrassed young fellow with the streaky face and heavily-penciled eyelids was out of the question.

Short Example Sentence for Embarrassed

  • I was rather embarrassed about it.
  • There was an embarrassed pause.
  • He was the least embarrassed of the two.
  • Boyce shrugged with an embarrassed grin.
  • Stephen asked with a slightly embarrassed air.
  • He looked modest and embarrassed at all this praise.
  • The old lady was too much embarrassed to speak.
  • If his eyes oppressed her, hers half embarrassed him.
  • The colonel starts, embarrassed and troubled.
  • As quickly he rose, embarrassed beyond speech.
  • I could find none, and I was embarrassed by the pause.
  • Never was man more embarrassed by the embraces of a fine woman.
  • Had he seen how embarrassed she was beneath her pretence of gaiety?
  • That was the reason then of their embarrassed looks and averted eyes!
  • And the rancher dismissed his embarrassed and happy punchers with a gesture.
  • He was embarrassed and nervous, and was trying not to show it.
  • An embarrassed silence fell like a vapor over the assemblage.
  • The embarrassed creature courtesied silently and vanished, settling her cap.
  • Maitland, on his part, seemed little less embarrassed than myself.
  • The Deer was hot and embarrassed and very foolishly gave his consent.
  • I own that I was much embarrassed and felt extremely uncomfortable.

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