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  • She has political embarrassments enough already.
  • Pecuniary Embarrassments of Thomas Jefferson.
  • Literature is full of the embarrassments of the marriage proposal.
  • It was not given up but Phillips suffered great embarrassments in holding it.
  • Mr. Copley was caught in embarrassments of his own, worse than nervous ones.
  • And," she continued softly, "I felt your embarrassments when the war ended.

How To Use Embarrassments In A Sentence?

  • Your father is as well off as ever he was; his embarrassments are only temporary.
  • Missy was embroiled in a catastrophe, a tangle of embarrassments and odd complications.
  • All his hopes of extricating himself from his present pecuniary embarrassments were centred in his lordship.
  • He referred to that remark and said that his financial embarrassments had forced him to change his purpose.
  • The embarrassments in the department of finance are not yet so cleared up as that the public can see their way through them.
  • My fears readily suggested innumerable embarrassments and inconveniences which would flow from this source.
  • The movement was one born of discontent with embarrassments which were mostly brought about by extravagance or incompetence.
  • It is unreasonable to add to the embarrassments of her new condition, by ridiculing her deficiencies.
  • But the list of difficulties and embarrassments which confronted the correspondent in his quest of news is not yet at an end.
  • But agricultural price encounters two serious embarrassments not to be found to an equal degree in other trades.
  • It did not proceed from weakness of head, but from real necessity occasioned by constant embarrassments and changing circumstances.
  • They discover in their own language, their feelings of hopefulness and loyalty while coping with unexpected embarrassments and unusual privations.
  • After the negotiation with Spain had been long depending unusual and unexpected embarrassments were raised to interrupt its progress.
  • With unusual embarrassments surrounding him, Mortomley could not entertain as his fathers had done before he was thought of.
  • In the excitement of the hour, even Aubrey felt for a while as if they now saw their way through all their embarrassments and dangers.
  • They became targets for the guns of the foe, until one of the present embarrassments in England is the unprecedented loss of officers.
  • Ultimately all commercial mistakes and embarrassments result from people expecting to get goods without working for them, or wasting them after they have got them.
  • Without such uniformity, commerce among the states would meet with embarrassments scarcely less than those experienced from the want of a uniform currency.
  • But this applies to all moral lessons, and the moralist must be credited by the thoughtful mother with a full perception of the embarrassments which lie in her path.
  • But even in cases where their conduct does not permit of vindication and excuse, justice requires that a fair and truthful statement be made of the temptations and embarrassments which surrounded them.
  • Texas, with every element of prosperity in her people and territory, was war-worn, and suffering from pecuniary embarrassments in which her revolution plunged her.
  • The embarrassments of selfish men are always lighter than those of other people, their egotism filling, as it does, such a very large space in the sea of their troubles.
  • It was not difficult to bury myself in the forest that pressed around me on every side, and a few minutes saw me struggling with the embarrassments of the tangled vines which obstructed the path up our steepest hill.
  • Some pecuniary embarrassments afterwards overtook the family, on which occasion he sent them home the one half of the money he had made, whereby they were again placed in a condition of affluence.
  • By his skill and intelligence many country gentlemen had emerged from embarrassments that threatened to engulf their entire fortunes; and his aid in a difficulty was looked upon as a certain guarantee of success.
  • His later quarrel with the papacy, then under the influence of St Bernard, added to his embarrassments and strengthened the Angevin cause.
  • The internal condition of the kingdom, even apart from the financial ruin which had succeeded to the handsome surplus of two years before, was full of embarrassments of the gravest kind.
  • Liberated from the embarrassments of the city, and issuing into the broad uncrowded avenues of the northern suburbs, we begin to enter upon our natural pace of ten miles an hour.
  • In high life, embarrassments are generally to be attributed to the love of gambling, prodigality, or some such sweeping vice, which no station can control.
  • To the dreariness of a home without affection, was added the burden of an establishment without means; and he had thus all the embarrassments of domestic life, without its charms.
  • It was to the frequent demands made upon his purse, by this woman, that part of the embarrassments in which Mervyn found him involved are to be ascribed.
  • The fate of this youth would be speedily decided, and I should be left at liberty to execute my first intentions before my embarrassments should be visibly increased.
  • Importations are checked, of course; but they are checked in a sharp, rapid, and violent way, accompanied by the most painful embarrassments and convulsions.

Definition of Embarrassments

plural of embarrassment
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