Embattled In A Sentence

Definition of Embattled

Subject to or troubled by battles, controversy or debates. | Prepared or armed for battle. | Of a wall, fortress, etc., having battlements or crenellations.

How To Use Embattled In A Sentence?

  • Jakey sounded "cease firing" to his embattled lines, and called in his attacking forces.
  • The massive embattled tower, which carries an octagonal, N.E. turret, was rebuilt in 1867.
  • The names of the towns were enclosed within the embattled line which was used later on to designate foreign countries.
  • The commissariat was a monument to the solidarity of Labor generally with the embattled steel workers.
  • Another princely association, hardly less pathetic, haunts these arched portals and embattled towers.
  • As one line of embattled hosts melted away, another rushed forward in its place to meet the same fate.
  • Two bulky crewmen stood embattled by the entrance port, strong-arming the kids who tried to storm through the port and inside.
  • The salient feature of the edifice is its tall, slender tower, and narrow stair-turret rising to the embattled roof.
  • The rim of one bowl has been ornamented with three deeply incised or excavated lines, which form a sort of embattled figure about the incurved lip.
  • It was much used in late buildings as a crest or ornamental finishing to cornices, etc., to which it gave an embattled appearance.
  • The embattled tower has masonry probably older than fourteenth century, and much of the nave arcade is Norman.
  • The ancient church of brick and flint is late Norman with embattled tower; it was restored in 1886-7.
  • Though they seem to fall and die, Still sweep in their embattled lines An endless reach of sky.
  • Then a black dress caught my eye which had an embattled trimming of black and gold, continued round the waist and completed with a large gold buckle.
  • Out in front the reindeer team of three strained against their simple harness and supplied the rapid succession of jerks that flew the sleds along toward the embattled artillery.
  • The old tower was lowered sufficiently to form a portion of the nave and a new embattled tower was built, now a conspicuous landmark for many miles round.
  • It was believed at the same time that the Emperor Charlemagne would rise from the grave, and lead on to victory the embattled armies of the Lord.
  • Erebus, Hadji, and the four rowers landed and cautiously advanced to the foot of the embattled walls of Maison-Forte.
  • There is a music-gallery in the clerestory of the sixth bay on the south side; it is composed of three panels with quatrefoils containing plain shields, and is finished with an embattled cornice.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Embattled | Embattled Sentence

  • Parapets embattled and panelled.
  • The embattled male in the garden.
  • Their embattled gazes gripped each other.
  • In dents embattled like a castle wall.
  • The embattled W. tower is a fine structure.
  • The tower (W.) is embattled and carries four pinnacles.
  • The church has a lofty embattled tower surmounted with a spire.
  • I sprang between the embattled hosts, and demanded to know what was the row.
  • The embattled male in the garden; or, Why women are queer in the country.
  • Whom, when his warrior wrath is high, Do Gods embattled fear and fly?
  • Then the door of Grogan's burst open and an embattled Irishman appeared.

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