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  • Disappointment had embittered him.
  • His slain ambitions embittered him.
  • It seriously embittered the controversy.
  • These threats embittered his last hours.
  • Who gathered the embittered together into one society?
  • Alcohol tortured him, his embittered nature tortured him.
  • Oh, moment that has ever since embittered my life!
  • That embittered us Congregationalists.
  • This secretly embittered Churi still more.
  • At times I felt embittered against all the world.
  • How embittered and wretched she would feel at her own powerlessness!
  • How is every remembrance of mine embittered by disappointment?
  • Robespierre's youth was embittered by sharp misfortune.
  • Dicky walked that morning in a sort of numb, embittered fury.
  • Then, when the peas went away again he was embittered again....
  • My life, for a whole month, was embittered by that roving mountain.
  • Ah, she would never then have come to this lonely, embittered old age!
  • Pescadero, like all old men embittered by bad luck, was a pessimist.
  • This episode, more than any other, embittered the life of the aging Reformer.
  • He thought her love was all for Glen Leigh, and this embittered him.

How To Use Embittered In A Sentence?

  • Sorrow does not seem to have embittered but neither did it sweeten greatly his temper.
  • Disappointment at the failure of this project, embittered and shortened her life.
  • The questions in dispute were embittered by personal feeling and party animosities.
  • Does she not curse the memory of the earth fruit whose flavor has so embittered humanity!
  • They died in torments, and their torments were embittered by insult and derision.
  • The women fell to crying because of this, and the whole house was embittered for two days.
  • In general, he was a man of broken character, embittered and uncommonly unhappy.
  • Ellen was old, she told herself, and the self-centered life she had led had embittered her.
  • He makes no complaint, but he sits back in his chair, looking like an embittered owl.
  • Life is embittered to him; hope has died: if love follow it sadly to the bier, who can blame him?
  • This life, unhappy as it may be already imagined, was yet embittered in 1738 with new distresses.
  • I was in a thoroughly embittered temper; I paced up and down before my seat like a maniac.
  • This inhumanity on the part of Captain Cheap much embittered the men against him.
  • I fear that on both sides it is embittered men who will be released from the civilian internment camps.
  • Her refusal to marry had so embittered the count against her that he could scarcely endure to have her in his presence.
  • Sick and embittered it plunges into evil with a savage hunger, as though to avenge itself for having believed.
  • She now saw herself compelled to surrender a portion of it, which from the very first embittered her against the new arrival.
  • Prussia was regaining her strength too rapidly; her embittered hostility was an ever-increasing menace.
  • He had been embittered by the death of his wife; he had been embittered because he had never obtained the success he had coveted.
  • Ralph turned away with his relish for new delicacies embittered by another reminder of his worldly deficiencies.

Definition of Embittered

simple past tense and past participle of embitter
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