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  • He was the embodiment of worry.
  • He is the embodiment of a good follower.
  • Forms are the embodiment of thought or law.
  • The whole house stood in quiet, the embodiment of slumber.
  • One god, Ormuzd, was the embodiment of light and goodness.
  • She was the ravishing embodiment of gaiety and youth and delight.
  • These aspects constitute the external material for the embodiment of the will.
  • He has great intelligence and power and is the very embodiment of blasphemy.
  • To them she is the embodiment of liveliness, wit, and gaiety.
  • It mingled in every feverish dream, became the embodiment of every vision.
  • It seemed to her the embodiment of evil, yet withal of wisdom, too.
  • Mr. Yeats has found the perfect embodiment for his imagination.
  • Everything, even in the exterior, was the embodiment of the will of God.
  • Christ is just the embodiment of God's will: He is, God's will done.
  • The Life of Nelson: the Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain.

How To Use Embodiment In A Sentence?

  • In doing this he revealed the character of God by being himself an embodiment of it.
  • Ivan, the embodiment of pure intellect, finds that he cannot accept the world as God has made it.
  • He had been neatly dressed in a new suit of clothes and looked the embodiment of childish innocence.
  • Woman herself was nothing more than the embodiment of voluptuousness; it made her what she was, directing and fashioning her.
  • There are in the world men who are devotion and self-abnegation personified; there are women who are the embodiment of selfishness.
  • The ancients conceived it as the embodiment of malignant and destructive power, and with attributes of the most terrible kind.
  • That she had a sweet and winning face there was no denying, while the way she sat her horse seemed to him the embodiment of grace.
  • Great physical size or power this woman apparently had never had, but she looked the very embodiment of a superior strength.
  • They can signify nothing less than the visible establishment of the church among men as the concrete embodiment of the divine kingdom or family.
  • No one until then would have thought of singling out the Englishman as the embodiment of the good apprentice.
  • In laughing, she became a model for an artist, an embodiment of fierce life independent of morality.
  • In the tabernacle and temple, the material part was to be in harmony with, and the embodiment of, the holiness that dwelt within.
  • A Mexican who is the embodiment of taciturnity when afoot, will become a howling organism when he is mounted.
  • It regards the individual thing, not as an individual, but in its universal aspects, as the fleeting embodiment of an eternal thought.
  • The course and life of Christians during these ten generations is to be the prolongation of this testimony, the embodiment of this confession.
  • In many sections of our great cities the powerful ward boss, whatever be his methods, is regarded as the embodiment of success.
  • She was a perfect animal, conscious of her supreme brute caste, shrewd, resourceful, and the plain embodiment of truth.
  • A true local church, then, was the concrete embodiment of the spiritual body of Christ in a given place.
  • Even Uncle Tom was a conventional embodiment of patience and meekness rather than a highly individualized character.
  • With all their shortcomings they are an embodiment of the idea that the stronger and more advanced nations exist to uplift the weaker and more backward.
  • Thus each succeeding generation or group of writers made Abraham, as the traditional father of their race, the embodiment of their highest ideals.
  • He knew no William to convert into a demi-god; no Marlborough who was the embodiment of all human vices.
  • It was hardly to pray, for Eleanor scarce knew how to pray; yet that position seemed an embodiment of thanks she could not speak.
  • She was going to meet Lucius, and Lucius had always stood for her as an embodiment of everything that was worthy of admiration in the opposite sex.
  • But the main point in derangement is the contradiction which a feeling with a fixed corporeal embodiment sets up against the whole mass of adjustments forming the concrete consciousness.

Definition of Embodiment

a physical entity typifying an abstract concept
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