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Definition of Embodying

present participle of embody | embodiment

How To Use Embodying In A Sentence?

  • Their hope of embodying a sectional antagonism is to secure a sectional defeat.
  • It is thoroughly up-to-date, embodying all the advantages of the old and of the new.
  • A picture thus treated becomes a pattern, incapable of embodying any emotional significance.
  • Why should we shrink from embodying our own idea as if it would turn out a Frankenstein?
  • Beautiful words, embodying beautiful thoughts, rippled over the fresh, ripe lips.
  • Gordon Craig has written several books and many articles embodying his ideas on play production.
  • The Spartan, embodying his religion in his country, dies before its majesty without a question.
  • The Proverbs is a Miscellany of Sayings and Poems, embodying isolated observations of life.
  • The aim is to present to the reader an outline embodying the main principles and advantages claimed.
  • Other inventors contributed devices embodying the use of carbon as a resistance to be varied by the motions of the diaphragm.
  • It merely states that the addition is regarded as embodying in very happy terms a consequence of the principles accepted in 1899.
  • To atone for such abridgment new lines embodying in most cases a general moral reflection are frequently added.
  • A Miscellany of Sayings and Poems embodying Isolated Observations of Life.
  • The different varieties of these sacred names rendered it possible to construct various personal names embodying the same idea.
  • The plot is contrived with great ingenuity, embodying the result of much study, both dramatic and historical.
  • He planned a large encyclopaedia, embodying all existing science, in so far as it was based on experiment and proof.
  • Besides the poems falling under the groups discussed above there are many of purely didactic or moralizing tendency, embodying general reflections.
  • How to Keep a Store, embodying the Experience of Thirty Years in Merchandizing.
  • Single phrases embodying a notable image would remain with him, and remain ready for use as allusive colour or pointed epigram.
  • One of these transmitters, embodying these same features but with modified details, is shown in Fig.
  • Ecclesiasticus is a Miscellany including longer compositions, but still embodying only isolated observations of life.
  • The value of the reprint is thus enhanced by annotation embodying the results of the latest researches in this field of American history.
  • They are seeking to develop in each nation a national church embodying and inspiring and consecrating to God the genius and destiny of each nation.
  • At its closing session, a declaration was proposed as embodying the main present result of free thought in Germany.
  • As a musical poet, embodying the feelings and tendencies of a people, Chopin advances his chief claim to his place in art.
  • It was a masterly piece of work, embodying advanced humanitarian principles, and it later formed the basis of several European codes.
  • I have seen several embodying the books of the New Testament, but they all have been too difficult or long for children to learn.
  • The leader holds his power and his prestige by embodying in his own will and representing in his own conscious policies the will of the people and their idea of country as an historic entity.
  • I venture to send you the following note, as embodying a query, which I am sure deserves, if possible, to be answered.
  • This universal will of democracy is distinguished from the more limited forms of states partially embodying democratic principles by the fact that nothing enters into it except man as such.
  • They must be dealt with as practical problems having regard to the special circumstances of each case, not as opportunities for embodying some general political theory.
  • Upon the return of these men to their homes meetings of natives were called, and addresses embodying an account of the observed ravages of the pest were made to them.
  • For answer I received a letter, written by a clerk, doubtless, but signed by a chief of bureau, embodying a copy of the document.
  • Those who judged only from his school of playing anticipated that he would have selected Amati as embodying the qualities he so passionately admired.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Embodying | Embodying Sentence

  • The presumed advantage of embodying laws in the constitution.
  • All transactions embodying the germs of small profits are welcome.
  • France is strewn with wrecks of buildings embodying disputed ideas.
  • They wrote a letter, embodying the whole facts of the case, to the Hon.
  • Slow and sure win the race" is a proverb embodying a great truth.

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