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  • The embrace of iron is death.
  • Saltese was released from the embrace of the strong arm.
  • She started back from the embrace of her lover.
  • Molly took her knees into the embrace of her clasped hands.
  • It releases the gold and flies to the embrace of the zinc.
  • The figure was already stiff in the icy embrace of death.
  • The chaste wife suffers not the embrace of two men.
  • It is the same when she submits herself to the embrace of her relations.
  • It was in fact the first embrace of motherhood she had ever known.
  • I had to get out and be folded in the embrace of two bony arms.
  • Bleak courteously averted his eyes from the affectionate embrace of the lovers.
  • I pray you to hold him absolved from a willing embrace of that life!
  • He seemed escaped the Carthaginian to perish in the embrace of his countrymen.
  • I wanted the earth, and I wanted to live in the close embrace of the earth.
  • They were dead in the cruel embrace of the Devil's Elbow.

How To Use Embrace Of In A Sentence?

  • It was all as though she were enfolded deep in the embrace of a not too fervent benediction.
  • She opened the door, and her longing for the embrace of her mother disappeared in healthy anger.
  • Forward on either side shot out the horns of armed men, clasping the camp in an embrace of steel.
  • And they all gave the embrace of blessing to Ulenspiegel, who received it rejoicing.
  • But the humourist of high has an embrace of contrasts beyond the scope of the Comic poet.
  • In the embrace of your far-reaching light, Locking the radiance of eternity.
  • Erect now, and out from the embrace of her daughter, Sarah looked up at her son.
  • In a few moments they reached the hotel, and Bessie was folded in the embrace of her mother.
  • Since thou sleepest in the embrace of the dead in the cairn, thou fair daughter of Hoegur!
  • She pressed her body against the strong wind and felt it wrap her about like the firm embrace of a living being.
  • And will not its votaries find now, as then, that it entices with the embrace of death and the fascination of hell?
  • A brother whose hand we have clasped in the bonds of fraternal fellowship now lies before us in the rigid embrace of death.
  • A painted savage broke from the embrace of a squaw twice his size and girth, and came running up to them.
  • The vanity of the lily is flattered, she believes him, and gives herself up to the passionate embrace of the butterfly.
  • Jane had intimated, moreover, that the authors of such monstrosities would probably end in the embrace of the same element.
  • The place at their side still warm from the last night's embrace of a watch-man or a stable-boy!
  • Never before in his life had he held a child in his arms, still less had he felt the sweet embrace of peaceful slumber.
  • He forgot himself and, without knowing what he did, opened his arms to inclose her in an embrace of pity and remorse.
  • He had already dragged his shaking body to an upright position, ere he slowly sank down into the embrace of one of the huge armchairs.
  • Instinctively, without time for reasoning, he gripped at the fact that his one chance lay in the close embrace of his enemy.
  • In that case, unless help reaches him, he is as surely lost as though clasped in the relentless embrace of a tiger.
  • In it he was submerged; the roar of it filled his ears; it blinded him; and in the suffocating embrace of it he tried to cry out.
  • But it cannot give us friends, or the embrace of a lover, or the touch of children, for with our fellow mortals it has no concern.
  • For a moment he fancied some colossal remains, as of an animal long since extinct, were lying there in the clinging embrace of the creepers.
  • Why does the lover, rushing upon the stage to the embrace of his mistress, stop half way to bow to the ladies in the boxes?
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