Embraced In A Sentence

Definition of Embraced

simple past tense and past participle of embrace

How To Use Embraced In A Sentence?

  • He embraced her and his hands groped for the lacings that kept her clothing closed around her.
  • She embraced him convulsively; no other sound was to be heard but a deep sobbing.
  • Catharine embraced the elder girl, who shyly presented her forehead to be kissed.
  • The priest embraced her, and was glad she seemed to know nothing of his accident.
  • His soul embraced everything that he knew was right and to himself, he nodded an agreement.
  • They both came from behind the table and they embraced Boyce with tears streaming from their eyes.
  • The prisoner eagerly embraced the opportunity, and confirmed what Harry had said.
  • And little understanding the difference between us, I grew unhappy because he never embraced me.
  • Sir Henry closed down his desk, embraced his daughter, and came forward to meet his wife.
  • Noisily she was embraced at once by a dozen half-drunken men in uniform, and returned their salutes with strict impartiality.
  • These models for interactivity and coordinated behavior may have been launched in the laboratory, but they were first embraced by countercultures.
  • When the time for departure had come, the ladies affectionately embraced each other, and promised to correspond regularly.
  • One of the monks had been a painter, but had retired from the world, and embraced this dismal life in expiation of some crime.
  • He embraced her limp body gently into his arms and took the dagger out of her body, hearing it scrape against her exposed ribs.
  • Although she appeared quite unknown to him, he fell upon her neck and embraced her, so wearied was he of the perpetual youth around him.
  • He embraced all the puppets of the company one by one, even to the gendarmes, and beside himself with delight set out to return home.
  • The enraged monster then poked his head against the poles, and the tent fell upon its terrified inmates, and embraced them in its folds.
  • Lloyd stepped towards her, to give assistance and Brook embraced her tightly trying to impart to her his stalwart volition.
  • With these words, she embraced me, and for one brief, blissful moment her warm lips pressed mine in a pure and tender caress.
  • If the recollection of the other embraced also the voice, I heard the voice in the same manner, and unconsciously imitated it.
  • And as these sentiments were embraced by the Christian philosophers, the necessary consequences of them were, of course, to be adopted also.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Embraced | Embraced Sentence

  • I ought to have embraced him.
  • He embraced her ardently.
  • Brook went to her and embraced her.
  • His mind embraced time.
  • I embraced him in the fullness of my heart.
  • The sisters affectionately embraced each other.
  • She embraced the child and me with tears.
  • I cannot tell you how my heart embraced them.
  • Lilith revealed to him and he gently embraced her.
  • He dropped his hands from her arms and embraced her.
  • The two girls embraced warmly.
  • Apafi embraced his wife, and made her sit down by his side.
  • Eager and voluble then the women embraced Dorothea.
  • The answer was because she had embraced the ancient Faith.
  • But Bran leaped upon his father and embraced him joyously.
  • Vainly writhing he raised and embraced the body of the child.
  • I cannot say it was very eagerly embraced or very warmly pursued.
  • He embraced it with ardour, and put it in practice with energy.
  • Lady Beldi embraced her friend, and kissed her glowing cheeks.

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