Emerald In A Sentence

Definition of Emerald

Of a rich green colour. | (transitive, poetic) To ornament with, or as if with, emeralds; to make green. | Any of various green gemstones, especially a green transparent form of beryl, highly valued as a precious stone.

How To Use Emerald In A Sentence?

  • They had been sailing for weeks among emerald isles and through waters as blue as heaven.
  • Whosoever finds it shall be master of the land under the sea, for the emerald is master of us all.
  • Far beneath them was an emerald turbulence, half obscured by eastward moving cloud masses.
  • Pleasant indeed is the fine old house, with emerald lawn and stately trees, wherein he resides.
  • The ceilings of the wide banqueting halls rose on pillars of emerald Egyptian malachite.
  • We have commercial "rings" now, which laugh emerald ones to scorn as means of procuring wealth.
  • Elephant had run most rapidly and the trio was now approaching the Emerald City.
  • Where the rushes lift their burnished Oval heads from out the tarnished Emerald pool.
  • If you do not return with the Emerald of the Sea within a twelvemonth, nothing shall save you.
  • He even was patient enough to wait until the diamond which he selected was reset in a ring from which an emerald was removed.
  • He saw the park with its broad emerald meadows where the venerable trees grew in large dense clumps.
  • A narrow stream half-choked with emerald rushes and edged with grey aspens occupied the opposite quarter.
  • An eddying emerald fume filled the street, drifting with the brisk air down through all the ranks of the procession.
  • Turquoise and pearl, emerald and jacinth, the gleams caught from the hidden sun above reflect the hues of every gem.
  • Winfred, as became a son of the sea, was clothed in a garb of emerald tone, embroidered with shells.
  • Below that are bare pink legs ending in little silk socks at a dollar an inch and wee slippers clasped with a simple emerald buckle.
  • A large emerald on his finger, and slippers wrought in gold, with a cross on the instep, completed his dress.
  • I feel again the lengths of silken gossamer enfold My body and my limbs in robes of emerald and gold.
  • She held out a diamond butterfly, and Eliza fastened it in the gold-wire links of the emerald chain.
  • Thou hast come with thy risings, and thou hast made heaven and earth resplendent with thy rays of pure emerald light.
  • It was wild, little cultivated, save in the emerald green of the bottom, a few fields which lay where a stream ought to have been.
  • For no jungle tree, however hardy, can withstand the blasting of violent sun after the veiling of emerald foliage is torn away.
  • The ruins rise gray, white, and undressed with ivy, that they may contrast the more vividly with the deep emerald of the meadows around.
  • One old Porsslanese official was standing there, a high mandarin of some sort, and he had an emerald necklace around his neck.
  • Viewed from the distant hills, the Grey valley was a shining, sparkling amber, encased in an emerald setting.
  • A huge cabochon emerald of great value, suspended from the neck, was Azim's sole ornament.
  • Behind was the dark jungle, in front an emerald lake, reflecting back a hundred different tints, and bordered by blue and white lotus flowers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Emerald | Emerald Sentence

  • Adown the emerald slopes.
  • Is not the emerald better than grass?
  • He knew there were sharks in that emerald pond.
  • The emerald bestowed cheerfulness and increased wealth.
  • The most important of these is the Emerald City.
  • The Emerald City of Oz is a truly remarkable place.
  • This emerald landscape is seen from a number of points in the city.
  • The flowers she would leave in her dressing-room; the emerald would disappear.
  • He felt sick as he took from his tie an emerald pin, the gift of his mother.
  • Girt about with emerald bands, Nestling down in its meadow lands?
  • One day we simply walked out of the Green Emerald and never showed up again.
  • Ireland, from its greenness, is often called the Emerald Isle.
  • At the Green Emerald I met my first case of delirium tremens.

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