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  • Davy had just emerged below.
  • And then he emerged with the peace treaty.
  • As they emerged out of the mist he sat silent and still.
  • Another flight of steps, and they emerged on the roof.
  • She emerged from her corner, starry-eyed.
  • They have emerged into the new Nominalism.
  • I emerged from enormous silences upon Margaret one evening.
  • He turned to greet Iemon, who emerged ready for the street.
  • In 1908 she was completely remodelled, and emerged for a trial trip.
  • The noise, as they emerged from the passage, was simply deafening.
  • Ferguson, waiting on the curb, saw them as they emerged from the doorway.
  • Grief emerged from the kitchen, carrying a naked black child by the leg.
  • Perkins laughed, too, as he emerged wet and dripping, but beaming.
  • They emerged upon the boardwalk as Jolly concluded his remarks.
  • When the day broke, Brook emerged from his diversion of thought.
  • From among the trees emerged the exiled people of the Long House.
  • After what seemed an age, Professor Green emerged from the house.

How To Use Emerged In A Sentence?

  • In the street the same shape emerged from the shadows and slouched toward them.
  • After galloping a while thru a mezquite forest we suddenly emerged upon its legendary shores.
  • Some undergraduates emerged in cap and gown from a lecture room and began to show fight.
  • A distinction has thus emerged between the law (right) and the subjective will.
  • One day her mother emerged from a cabin carrying what looked like a big bundle of clothes.
  • As he emerged into the street, a hand was reached to catch him, which he dodged by instinct.
  • When he emerged into the street, he saw her resting on a rustic bench, and hastened to join her.
  • Well! it must be confessed that Sacha had emerged but poorly from her process of assessment.
  • Suddenly a large body of the Turks emerged from a valley, and fell on and slaughtered the footmen.
  • Soon she emerged under a heavy load, her basket, as of old, covered with crisp, green cresses.
  • Willie Smee, the supercargo, emerged from the cabin, conspicuous in his shore clothes.
  • As her head emerged she saw Captain Glass, who could not swim, sinking several yards away.
  • Eight cottontails emerged from such hiding places an average of 22 minutes after the disturbance ceased.
  • As she emerged into the free air of the upper deck she wondered if that convenient slide was open now.
  • Out of the grouping of the tribes there emerged a division of the island into districts made up of many peoples.
  • Perkins emerged into the light of the lower hallway in a state of informal attire and unsettled temper.
  • Along toward four o'clock a man emerged from below and fought his way toward the bridge.
  • We drove into the roaring, dashing water, and we held our breath until we emerged on the other side.
  • He had not yet emerged from the eternity of the past, to grapple with the present, or encounter the retributions of the eternity which is to come.
  • Out of the first tumult and anarchy of war an Ireland emerged which was roughly divided between the two peoples.
  • The crakes were called by the aid of a small "crank," and shot as they emerged from the lush summer grass.
  • After a weary journey the loyalist party emerged among the populous western villages of the Iroquois confederacy.
  • Making sure that there was no one near, they emerged from the stall and, running the length of the stable, came out at the other end.

Definition of Emerged

simple past tense and past participle of emerge.
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