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  • Beldi is the most eminent of them all.
  • Many eminent men and women are buried here.
  • A family of eminent harpsichord-makers.
  • No one ever questioned his eminent ability.
  • The two eminent financiers grasped hands.
  • An eminent Cynic (also mentioned by Seneca and Tacitus).
  • No truly eminent man was ever other than an industrious man.
  • Some eminent men try to mask their greatness when engaged in conversation.
  • As we have said, she possessed decision of character in an eminent degree.
  • A trembling young reporter stood in the presence of an eminent city editor.
  • I can see the rascal eminent in his pulpit, plodding through his task.
  • From these descended some of the most eminent of the old Liverpool families.
  • How many eminent spirits, after having made the assertion, repose in peace.
  • Ireland has given many eminent churchmen to the United States.
  • The Judge and the Eminent Person hitched along to make room between them.
  • At the house of Mr. Carlyle, I met persons eminent in society and in letters.
  • Douglass has this in an eminent degree;

How To Use Eminent In A Sentence?

  • In its signification in arms it may properly be applied to those who are eminent in the field.
  • Some eminent doctors, however, have contended for the lawfulness of these practices.
  • I claim precedence of divination, auto-suggestion, and right of eminent domain.
  • Both eminent for talent of an order (though differing somewhat in cast) far above the common level of great men.
  • There were schools of carvers eminent for skill, such as that of Holy Island on Lough Derg.
  • He did not know that the modern collector was purchasing for fabulous sums the old sermons of eminent divines.
  • However eminent a speaker may be with objectionable mannerisms, he would be still greater without them.
  • It would be beyond the scope of an article of this character to attempt to recall the names of the eminent preachers of the century.
  • The eminent man reassured him with a few cheering words, and then proceeded to make a more careful diagnosis of the case.
  • Masterful and masculine to an eminent degree, the timid doubts and fears of a young girl were things he could not recognize.
  • My first thought was to get some eminent divine interested through a cure that would compel him to a continual talk as to how he became saved.
  • He was near as eminent a fighter among the men as his sister among the women, and a charming scrap was anticipated.
  • But, in the march and development of the human mind, these nations are far from occupying the same eminent station.
  • The visions of that eminent man Swedenborg are too well known to require here more than a mere allusion.
  • Yes, certainly a clock must stand eminent among the things he would buy, when he had plenty of money.
  • But though the right of eminent domain over ideas does and should inhere in one superior to us, far different is the case with words.
  • The preachers were selected from the most eminent divines, not only of Boston, but throughout the colony.
  • But Mikszath has also essayed the romance with eminent success, and it is one of his best romances that is now presented to the reader.
  • And its eminent importance as a nuisance to mankind at large deserves, I think, that it should receive particular attention.
  • Lord Dufferin, the eminent British orator, was accustomed to prepare most of his speeches while riding on horseback.
  • The opinion of eminent political and financial people in England is that Germany can never repair the total damage she may inflict.
  • The matter is still undecided; but the conclusion most favoured at the moment is that the messages are garbled quotations from an eminent poet among the ghosts.
  • The contestants assembled in the little court-room which was crowded with friends of the parties to the suit, and eminent autograph and book-collectors.

Definition of Eminent

(archaic) High, lofty. | Noteworthy, remarkable, great. | (of a person) Distinguished, important, noteworthy.
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