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  • An emotional dryness?
  • He himself was in an emotional frame of mind.
  • This holds true even for emotional states.
  • Now Peter was an emotional young man.
  • Once, such an emotional moron could, at worst, hurt a few.
  • She was a specialist in husbands, an expert in emotional reactions.
  • Though never explicit, the story is emotional and intense.

How To Use Emotional In A Sentence?

  • But that repression was just as natural to him as emotional flare-ups are to some.
  • A boy will need that emotional backing in his fights against the base and the foes of his kind.
  • The intense emotional impulse of his race swept him along like a feather in a gale.
  • To acquire emotional power and dramatic action the preacher should study the great dramatists.
  • For the stern fight against evil and wrong, life needs this emotional reinforcement.
  • The conversation, never without its emotional tendencies, at once changed its character.
  • He is the truth and reality which the appetitive and emotional man were seeking after and failed to realise.
  • It is the emotional instability and the quick alternation of symptoms which characterize hysteria or rather the hysterias.
  • Maria was of an almost abnormal emotional nature, although there was little that was material about the emotion.
  • I observed that during emotional excitement the pitch of the sounds she uttered increased markedly with the increase of excitement.
  • The book has the doom-ridden atmosphere of its day, and is emotional and somewhat over-written.
  • I still believe that with better chances we might have escaped the consequences of the emotional storm that presently seized us both.
  • He injected an antidote to the hypnotic and gave her the standard test for emotional response as her expressionless face cleared to placidity.
  • An emotional disposition means thus in every case a certain motor setting by which transition to certain actions is facilitated.
  • For the larger development of the spiritual and emotional powers of the speaker, a wide and varied knowledge of men and life is necessary.
  • High-keyed novel of many emotional fevers, hetero and homosexual, in a woman's college.
  • For some unexplained cause, the sorrow which Maria had passed through had seemed to stop her own emotional development.
  • The intense emotional strain under which he had labored since noon, together with fatigue, was beginning to play tricks with his nerves.
  • Maria, from being of an emotional nature, had many times considered herself as being in love, young as she was, but this was different.
  • Above all, the overstrain of function, especially of emotional functions, may lead to that exhaustion which produces the state of neurasthenia.
  • He believed that only women, highly emotional women, or creatures of weaker intellect, could possibly put faith in such things.
  • Had the war awakened in him, he wondered, the need of crude emotional stimulants, the dangerous allurement of the unfamiliar, the exotic?
  • It was alive, and Maria, who was unusually alive in her emotional nature, was keenly aware of that effect.
  • She was loyal to pledge and persons, sentimental and faithful; I am loyal to ideas and instincts, emotional and scheming.
  • Experience shows that the strongest chance for the development of such autosuggestive beliefs exists wherever an emotional disposition is favorable to the arriving belief.
  • He shows to him that the symptoms resulted merely from autosuggestion or are the after-effects of a suggestion from without or of a forgotten emotional experience of the past.
  • The minister as an interpreter of the highest spiritual truth should bring to his work a thoroughly trained emotional nature and a cultivated speaking voice.
  • Caroline, her susceptibility to vicarious distress being augmented by the sensitiveness of her own emotional state, yearned and prayed over her alternately.
  • Ralph nearly tore the page from her hand in shame and despair when he saw her actually contemplating the idiotic symbol of his most confused and emotional moments.
  • The years 1773-1775 were for Goethe a time of high emotional tension, from which he sought relief in rapid, desultory, and multifarious writing.
  • It was nothing to her that he was married to Lily; but, nevertheless, her emotional nature, the best part of her, had undergone a mutilation.
  • But finally, the same effect sets in when the symbols of other emotional spheres are applied, perhaps for the patriotic soldier the flag of his country.
  • The poetry of Ralph Waldo Emerson is marked by serious contemplation rather than by warmth of emotional expression.

Definition of Emotional

Of or relating to the emotions. | Characterised by emotion. | Determined by emotion rather than reason.
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