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  • The primitive emotions had him in their grip.
  • He experienced emotions such as he had never known before.
  • The emotions it caused were strange and indefinite.
  • Brook had mixed emotions about his life and his own power.
  • But her emotions were as far to seek as her morals.
  • The finer emotions are hardly touched upon.
  • No man can command the first emotions of his passions.
  • A mixture of emotions kept Huckaback silent.
  • To hide my emotions I fled to the history room.
  • His emotions would be as literal as his convictions or his oratory.
  • The face as the mirror of the emotions is an important part of expression.
  • Was it that he feared his emotions at parting might get beyond his control?
  • He avoids emotions for his own comfort; he is learnedly selfish.
  • Longfellow dealt largely with men and women and the emotions common to us all.
  • It would be difficult to describe my thoughts and emotions as I went home.

How To Use Emotions In A Sentence?

  • Only rarely did some man in uniform himself surrender to the emotions of the moment.
  • She did not know that there are times when the emotions are more potent than the subtlest wines.
  • Let us not be pestered with assertions and half-truths, with emotions and snuffle.
  • Dolly was surprised at the throb in her heart, at the curious rush of emotions in her mind.
  • The spring of these emotions is the natural body, but it sends pulsations far into the spirit.
  • Events and emotions come very rarely alone, they fly in troops, like the birds.
  • I will not attempt to describe the emotions which agitated me as I sped over the country.
  • Charles Greville, whose emotions were as precisely under control as running motor to a chauffeur.
  • Examples of the influence of powerful and protracted emotions in inducing hallucinations are numerous.
  • We find it difficult to sympathise with the emotions of a potato; so we do with those of an oyster.
  • His pulses were still tingling under the emotions of the day and the stimulus of the hubbub they had just passed through.
  • With emotions of chagrin and humiliation he found himself obliged wholly to readjust his estimate of himself and his powers.
  • Another method of procuring new metrical mediums of expression for the new wealth of emotions was to borrow.
  • She knew nothing of the mental processes by which these external objects were associated with the deepest emotions of the heart.
  • Our thoughts and emotions are often but spray flung up from hidden tides that follow a moon no eye can see.
  • To the young especially, want of sympathy with their emotions is like want of daylight to a flower.
  • His own was a silent belief: it seemed growing with happier emotions that were overflooding his heart, but it found its best expression in silence.
  • The young men of the capital flocked to his rooms, forgetting balls for cards, and preferring the emotions of faro to the seductions of flirting.
  • Dismay also was among their emotions as they thought of conducting the party through Prouty and the Yellowstone.
  • After the storm and stress of twenty years, life in this Indian summer of the emotions was like an enclosed garden of sweetness and bloom.
  • The Maid gazed at him for a moment, a world of tender emotions in her eyes; and then she quickly crossed the room and threw herself at his feet.
  • Lady Dorothea was now, however, unmistakably inattentive, and the changing color of her cheek betrayed the various emotions which moved her.
  • As I entered the proud portal of the ancestral palace, my emotions were so great that I could not speak.
  • David was obeying my orders and keeping a strict watch on the prostrate men; but his emotions of amazement were so great that he could not keep them down.
  • The Italians call the subject the Pietà, which means compassion, but the name scarcely expresses all the emotions of the mother.

Definition of Emotions

plural of emotion
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