Emplacements in a sentence

Definition of Emplacements

plural of emplacement

How to use Emplacements in a Sentence?

  • Other machines are searching for new emplacements and signs of preparation behind the enemy trenches.
  • Shells from the 9.2 howitzers crashed into strong points and gun emplacements and hurled them skywards.
  • Some of the heavy French shells fell beyond the emplacements of the big guns, and others were short.
  • They are taking all their artillery to Javorina and Jaegerhorn and mounting them upon the old emplacements of the ruins.
  • From somewhere at the rear, perhaps from emplacements in or near the French support trenches, the steady drumming of machine-gun fire began.
  • The only demand it makes on the superficial area of the ground traversed is the small emplacements of the standards, which in modern ropeways are few and far between.
  • The guns were kept in shelters in a line of reserve trenches and a set of dummy emplacements was dug out a little distance away for the benefit of our aeroplane observers.
  • A large number of wooden ammunition huts were erected along the roads near Dranoutre, and heavy gun emplacements were being made about Kemmel.
  • Our daily work was making reserve defences, trenches, deep dugouts, and machine-gun emplacements between Vermelles and Loos.
  • Was the Teuton simple-minded enough to fancy that he would be in a position to utilize this and the other emplacements for his giant guns within three months after the outbreak of hostilities?

Short Example Sentence for Emplacements

  • From beneath the foliage covering the emplacements men peeped timorously.