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  • He had come to say this to his employers now.
  • His employers in Brazil know nothing of it.
  • This is what few employers consider themselves able to afford.
  • After two years his employers mistrusted that all was not right.
  • Some of the worst villains of the city are the employers of these women.
  • Then followed a second strike at which the employers balked.
  • Some Employers think it their Office and Duty to find Fault.
  • Liability of Employers to Employes 369 XVII.

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  • The quality of the workingmen is of interest both to the employers and social workers.
  • It is not unusual for employers to present their domestics with membership cards.
  • He regarded his employers with a species of admiring awe not always accorded to kings.
  • The employers promptly locked them out of the shop, and the girls declared a strike.
  • He was able to make the employers see the whole situation in an entirely new light.
  • To both her employers and the Whitneys Miss Maitland returned an evasive answer.
  • The true relationship between employers and employed is that subsisting between a purchaser and a seller.
  • Perhaps employers escape more frequently on this ground than on any other from paying anything for losses.
  • They had never been corrupted by money and their employers extended to them in this regard their tenderest solicitude.
  • The employers were firm in their determination to go out of business before treating with the strikers as a group.
  • A few conscientious employers have spent a part of their profits to make their employees comfortable.
  • Twelve states require employers advertising for help to mention in the advertisement the existence of a strike.
  • The large alien population of this city at the beginning of the war made some employers anxious about the safety of their plants.
  • To get uniform data employers were asked the principal faults and principal merits of their negro workmen.
  • Committees of leading negroes dared to take up with their employers the questions of better accommodations and better treatment of negro labor.
  • Steve had learned, by some unpleasant experience, that this delicate consideration did not always obtain between employers and employed.
  • More and more employers are coming to appreciate the money value of the Saturday half-holiday in summer.
  • She halted a moment on the threshold, her eyes touching the faces of her employers questioningly, as if she was not sure of her reception.
  • The strikers, it seemed, were coming to terms with their employers and would soon take up the work of construction once more.
  • There still are, however, many employers to whom the happiness and welfare of their workpeople is a matter of deepest concern.
  • The employer in his answer declared, just as employers in this country might have done, that his business would not stand an increase in wages.
  • It is, no doubt, usually large employers of labour who are thus able and willing to make provision for the welfare of the people in their employ.
  • Professor Salmon issued 5000 schedules to employers and 5000 to employees, and received in all 1744 answers.
  • Wages increased threefold, and the Government tried in vain to protect employers by enforcing pre-plague rates.
  • Workers, returning home, scrambled aboard the trains for the North without notifying their employers or their families.
  • Another wide field of usefulness is open to the employers in the establishment of schools, reading-rooms, baths, wash-houses, and the like.
  • It will be recalled that these are the communities in which the employers have specially abused their power by forcing the employees to buy at company stores.
  • The employers of the North felt justified in bringing about a more equitable distribution of the available labor supply in America.
  • It will thus be seen that the Post Office ranks as one of the largest employers of labour in the western city.
  • They feel under existing conditions that the power to strike is their only weapon of defense against employers and the only means by which they can enforce a betterment of their conditions of service.
  • In our last lecture we stated some of the principles relating to the liabilities of employers to their employes; in this lesson the subject will be continued.
  • The strike was more than two months old when the Cooper Union meeting was held, and the employers showed no signs of giving in.

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