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  • At the door of this emporium parley was held.
  • How late does the Emporium keep open?
  • Merchant ... market ... emporium ...
  • He entered the Emporium through the Manchester department.
  • The Emporium 36 III.
  • Schlesinger, Berlin, Emporium of Art and Science.
  • To be obtained at hosier's, or at any emporium for Indian clothing.

How To Use Emporium In A Sentence?

  • Mequinez is the strong place of the Empire, an emporium of arms and imperial Cretsures.
  • It is therefore the great emporium for tea, coffee, sugar, spices, indigo, and raw silk.
  • This place is the principal emporium for the Indian trade over the Pacific Ocean.
  • If mere trade be the stranger's purpose, where is that emporium superior to Mr. Wright's?
  • I skipped a gramophone emporium and a baby-linen shop and entered a fishmonger's.
  • His emporium is very like a small four-post bedstead, and its chintz curtains are wreathed with lemons on boughs.
  • Amarilly immediately set out for the Beehive, an emporium of fashion in the vicinity of the theatre.
  • And then, to the doors of the great red-brick emporium in Sixth Avenue would come New York Jr.
  • The shores of the Pacific are even now starting in a race against the great commercial emporium of our continent.
  • During these dark days the family's sole dependence was on my mother's emporium for cats'-meat.
  • A buckboard had just drawn up outside Lablache's emporium and two people were alighting.
  • Covent Garden was once the emporium of the arts and sciences, and the residence of the chief nobility of the kingdom.
  • They wanted arms, ammunition, and money, and the only means of obtaining them was by the capture of the great emporium of foreign trade.
  • Solano, by the way, is the commercial emporium of this end of the province, for there is not a single shop in Bayombong.
  • My Mourner's Emporium was patronized by the beauty, fashion and sorrow of the city.
  • But Kipps did not fully appreciate that the end was indeed and really and truly the end, until he was back in the Emporium after the end was over.
  • No other passenger wishing to alight at the same place, we were soon again in rapid motion towards the great emporium of the West of Scotland.
  • Enough to say Edmonton is one of the doors to the great North, an outfitter of its traders, an emporium of its furs.
  • Almost all the assistants in the Emporium were equally reticent and vague, so great is their horror of "Lowness" of any sort.
  • In a sort of dream the coach trundled on up the street, to pause for half an instant in front of the commercial emporium of Whiteman the Jew.
  • Yunnan City is the great gold emporium of China, for most of the gold found in China comes from the province of which it is the capital.
  • There was a little chalet where cheap jewellery and the polished stones of the neighbourhood were displayed; a fruit shop, and an emporium for sticks and fishing-rods.
  • Owing to propinquity of Hongkong and Singapore, North Borneo cannot become an emporium for eastern trade.

Definition of Emporium

A market place or trading centre, particularly of an ancient city. | A shop that offers a wide variety of goods, often used facetiously. | A department store.
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