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  • The moral equalizes all; enriches, empowers all.

How To Use Empowers In A Sentence?

  • The charter further empowers the company to improve, buy, sell, and deal in land.
  • Access to media technology empowers those same people to discuss how they might want to change the status quo.
  • He empowers them to confer on others the dignity of Rahans, and admit them to the various steps that lead to that uppermost one.
  • The Embargo law empowers the President to suspend its operation whenever he shall be satisfied that our ships can pass in safety.
  • A doctrine which empowers a Johannes to rage among mankind like a famished wolf among defenceless lambs, cannot come from God.
  • It empowers the secretary of state by letters patent to grant a charter to any number of persons not less than five for any objects other than railway or telegraph lines, banking or insurance.

Definition of Empowers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of empower
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