Empty And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Empty And | Empty And Sentence

  • It was empty and bare.
  • How empty and futile!
  • But now it is empty and very still.
  • It was empty and uninteresting.
  • Empty and contemptible chatter!
  • But it was empty and to let.
  • The ways were empty and silent.
  • It seems empty and hollow.
  • It was empty and practically new.
  • There is nothing empty and unclothed here.
  • The doors were empty and forlorn.
  • He felt empty and sinking.
  • Where fields are empty and scythes at rest.
  • His cupboard was empty and winter was come.
  • I found his house empty and deserted.
  • The barracks were empty and all my gear was gone.
  • Empty and fine like a swordless sheath.
  • Then the schoolroom was empty and the woods all still.
  • For a moment the room is empty and there is silence.
  • It was empty, and that was why we went.
  • It never looked empty and cheerless before.
  • My feet reverberated in those empty and silent chambers.
  • It was empty and awful in its storm-swept loneliness.
  • The brougham stood empty and alone where she had left it.
  • It stands empty and quite ready for your reception.
  • To-morrow there will be places empty and places filled.
  • The road stretched out in front of her empty and sunless.
  • It was quite empty, and he closed it again.
  • The house seemed strangely empty and quiet.
  • The road was empty, and there was no sign of the cyclist.
  • The hall was empty, and so was the front room.
  • Again it was all empty, and my heart began to rise.
  • The cup was empty, and all the cream was in his plate.
  • And then presently her place was empty, and she was gone.
  • The room was empty, and the work completed.

How To Use Empty And In A Sentence?

  • The harbor was empty, and there was no blockade as yet.
  • But the car was empty, and its doors were locked.
  • The room was empty, and the pillows untouched.
  • The old house had stood empty and dead for years.
  • It made the world seem almost empty and very lonesome.
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