Emulate In A Sentence

Definition of Emulate

(obsolete) Striving to excel; ambitious; emulous. | (now rare) To attempt to equal or be the same as. | To copy or imitate, especially a person.

How To Use Emulate In A Sentence?

  • Why not emulate his outspokenness, and thus spare him the certain shock of discovery?
  • May the young learn to emulate his life and example, while the old revere and respect his memory.
  • And she resolved to emulate the example of the young and beautiful Italian virgin.
  • But it remains for modern times to emulate Nature and carry on analysis and synthesis at once.
  • The Prince praised the deeds of his ancestors, and called upon him to emulate them.
  • They emulate their walk, their manner of dress, their hair styles, and their tough way of talking.
  • Josiah enjoyed his walk, finding many things to emulate when he got back to Jonesville.
  • And, indeed, so daring were they, that each seemed ready to emulate the Spartans of old.
  • Well it becomes the King by acts of grace To emulate the virtues of his race.
  • They did not emulate some of the British, who caught frogs and ate them, so far as I know.
  • The novelist could emulate Burke with his right barrel and Lydia Languish with his left.
  • For I fear I shall become crazed, if I cannot emulate it, and utter myself as well as it.
  • That is the spirit in which a country should meet a great emergency, and instead of mocking at it we ought to emulate it.
  • Therefore we must emulate and follow the divine policy, dealing with each other in the utmost love and tenderness.
  • Judging by both past and future, it is not unjust to suppose that she may have been making ready once more to emulate the ship-deserting rat.
  • To maintain inviolate our laws, and to emulate each other in labor, to hasten the good time coming.
  • My leader had been showing me, with a pleasant nod and a genial civilian gesture, easier to emulate than to acquire.
  • For mind you, they displayed no desire whatever to emulate the daring feats of those who had gone to America.
  • He is the favourite hero of little children, who carry his portrait in their bosom, and wish that they could emulate his bravery and strength.
  • From the first dawn of intelligence, children strive to emulate the acts of their brighter, older and better-taught associates.
  • If Ethelred had had the heart to emulate the courage of this noble archbishop, he might have done something yet.
  • The ambitious student of speech culture, whether for use in conversation or in public, will do well to emulate the example of such great writers.
  • Having put such a power into the hands of his disciples, Buddha very properly exhorts them to emulate him in his efforts to become perfect.
  • Let others emulate the eagle's flight, Life in the lowly plains may be as bright.
  • One charm of this part of Derbyshire is the intermixture of cultivation and wild nature, or woods so planted as to well emulate nature.
  • Some Buddhistic zealots have sometimes endeavoured to emulate the ancient Rathees in their singular mode of life.
  • The Ottos emulate Charlemagne in their zeal for literature and for fine works of art, but their attainment is slighter.
  • Behind him his lieutenants Othman and Selim strove to emulate his prowess, while all around surged his devoted band of fanatics.
  • Why not be content to buy the works of some really first-class humourist and read them aloud in proper humility of mind without trying to emulate them?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Emulate | Emulate Sentence

  • To emulate the virtues of his race.
  • It was not long before he strove to emulate the singers.
  • I see how thine eye would emulate the diamond.
  • The young man beside him could not emulate his easy composure.
  • We wished that other guests would emulate our example, alas and alack!
  • He hoped his little son would see his strength, his speed, and emulate them.
  • The young Dominion was stirred by ambition to emulate its powerful neighbour.
  • Without classing myself among these great men, I can strive to emulate them.
  • He, Jinnai, would emulate the example and rise to rule from being a bandit.
  • Then Bess, and two more boys, who bade fair to emulate their brother.
  • Settlers emulate the treachery of the Indians, 92; individual, 190.
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