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  • Only the enormous leverage this gives enables you to pry it off.
  • Domesticity is the taproot which enables the nation to branch wide and high.
  • It enables the public speaker to vary from his conversational style.
  • Ambition is one great force that enables most men to overcome this inertia.

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  • Such estimates as our present knowledge enables us to form are very indefinite.
  • His continuous practice in talking enables him easily to outdistance all ordinary competitors.
  • She comes to his rescue, and her clairvoyance enables her to see his future prosperity.
  • That enables it to pass from one tree to another, but it cannot soar like other birds.
  • The rent is cheap, and there is a ghost which enables one to dodge paying loans.
  • It may slide or turn in many ways and this happily enables many types of arresters to result.
  • Residence abroad supplies new and more liberal ideas, and enables men to judge more accurately.
  • Chinaman is just like another, but my experience in the East enables me to distinguish at once.
  • Time is a negative factor: it only enables the forces of Nature to do their positive work.
  • They possess an elastic power, like India rubber, which enables them to extend and contract.
  • Or rather it is often the heat of labour which enables the writer to recall the heat of inspiration.
  • It enables such a power also to transport troops into any field of action where they may be required.
  • The likeness of form enables the reader to recognize more readily the likeness of content and function.
  • The result is a plentiful harvest of coins, which enables them to return with a bagful to their country.
  • Money enables the rich to gain many advantages, which those of more limited circumstances cannot secure.
  • Since then sensibility causes its subject to feel, it consequently enables it to desire and move comformably.
  • The method used by these investigators enables us to determine directly the proportion by weight in which the hydrogen and oxygen combine.
  • Wotan knows that life without love is no life, and he is compelled to part from love by the very bargain which enables him to rule.
  • It also enables the adult to make up for the opportunities he neglected or, more often, did not have in early life.
  • Nature arms each man with some faculty which enables him to do easily some feat impossible to any other, and thus makes him necessary to society.
  • No mould is present and, as far as intermittent observation enables us to judge, moulds have never been incident.
  • Self-control which enables a man or a woman to receive a call from Cupid without inviting him to stay to dinner.
  • I know of none stronger; superadded a careful and extensive cultivation; an understanding so matured, that fully enables him to successfully grapple with men or errors, and portray truth in a manner equalled by few.
  • Here, then, is that power in the kingdom of the Truth which enables it to bear a true and a perpetual witness.
  • It enables men to benefit their fellow-creatures; it gives a man independence; it procures him comforts he could not otherwise have obtained.
  • Most important of all is the fact that, unlike spiritual visions, magnetism never enables the sleeper to go beyond the limits of our earthly home.
  • The removal of "stops" at the lower end enables the foremost frame to be removed, and the succeeding frames slide into a new position.
  • According to such high authorities as Hufeland and others, magnetic sleep enables persons to see the interior of the bodies of others.
  • Their culture generally enables the travelled English to avoid any ridiculous extremes of this self-pleasing, and to give it an agreeable air.
  • The necessary magnetism which constantly enables the cores to exert a pull upon the diaphragm is provided by the battery which is inserted serially in the line.
  • It is being Mary Martin, whose picture can have no interest for any one, enables me to follow the bent of my own wishes.
  • This enables us to fix the week numbers to the intermediate days and to determine the day to which the entire series is referred as its starting point.
  • The same natural law which enables primary and secondary batteries to be useful provides a hazard which menaces telephone-cable sheaths and other conductors.
  • At the very time that sea power is heaping all these blessings upon the dominant nation, it enables such a nation to deny these same advantages to its enemy.
  • Imagine now, if you will, that this supramundane observer invents a telescope which enables him to perceive more minute objects and thus discovers human beings.
  • In the same way heredity enables each generation to benefit by the achievements of its ancestors in the process of machine building, and thus to devote its own energies to advancement.

Definition of Enables

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of enable
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