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  • Thus did he enact and order, and he signed it.
  • Ruth and Alice watched their father enact his role.
  • I shall do my best to enact the little Puritan.
  • I have no desire to enact the part of Helen of Troy.
  • Honor was determined to enact the part of Dick Turpin.
  • The same majorities enact a bill disapproved by the governor.
  • Saladin proceeded in cold blood to enact the grand concluding tragedy.
  • He had full authority to appoint officers and magistrates and enact laws.
  • Tis precisely what I shall enact myself, if you turn me out of doors!
  • A dilettante did the piece invent, And dilettanti will enact it too.
  • The colonists were to form an English parliament to enact English law.
  • In the Assembly of 1685 it was proposed to enact another Bill of Ports.

How To Use Enact In A Sentence?

  • Thus did he enact and order, and he signed the same, by the advice of his counselor.
  • It would be easier to be stern and cruel when he could enact the character simply by silence.
  • When the assistants were added, the whole became a legislative body empowered to enact by-laws.
  • Over and over again did Carl and Mary enact the scene to the intense delight of the family.
  • Can the people of the State of New York enact a law punishing a person for coining silver dollars?
  • In 1843 it was decided to amend it and enact a separate Bill for Upper and Lower Canada.
  • Since then it has been considered worth while to enact laws in different countries with regard to the regulation and control of the milk supply.
  • The life we lead in the secret chambers of our own hearts we shall one day enact on the house-roof.
  • Indeed, public opinion sometimes induces legislatures to enact laws which they themselves feel to be unwise and tyrannical.
  • As the concurrence of all three was necessary to enact laws, each of these could defeat legislation desired by the other two.
  • The little scene was an unconscious imitation of similar ones they had often noticed the officers of the garrison enact with a certain solemnity.
  • All were so small that all the citizens could meet together in one place, and themselves in person enact the laws and transact public business.
  • Free schools exist in all the cities and towns for both boys and girls, and recent attempts have been made to enact a compulsory education law.
  • I would enact a law, compelling a man, before being granted a license, to show a certificate of financial success.
  • The point at issue in these two decisions was whether Congress had authority to enact measures of this kind in time of war.
  • First, to enact a law which would make it a felony for a newspaper to print a fraudulent patent medicine advertisement, or a fake medical cure.
  • Dolce was to enact the lion, emblem of courage and strength, lying at Fortitude's feet.
  • You might enact Simeon Stylites there for twenty years to come and be none the wiser or happier for the outlook.
  • While now and then restrictions and embargoes of longer or shorter standing are removed, there is still the same tendency to enact other restrictions and prohibitions.
  • While our legislators enact laws for the government of the people, the well-qualified and faithful schoolmaster prepares those under his charge to govern themselves.
  • While he could not enact laws without the consent of the other two coordinate branches of the government, he still had the power to prevent legislation.
  • There is, however, somewhere power to enact a law authorizing the people to make a constitution and prescribing the manner in which it is to be made.
  • Under the "initiative" and "referendum" in some States, the people retain the power to direct their legislature to enact certain laws.
  • Free-trade is proclaimed to be the rule of our political practice by the same men who enact and maintain laws to fetter and reduce the circulation of the country, which is the life of its trade.
  • It was one of those sweeping pieces of legislation that men enact when driven to do something, they know not exactly what, by the enormity of some great abuse.
  • Besides electing parish officers and granting the rates, the vestry-meeting could enact by-laws; and all ratepayers had an equal voice in its deliberations.
  • As a result of these uncertainties of the law, the people of the state in 1854 elected a legislature, the majority of the members of which were pledged to enact a statute of absolute prohibition.
  • What can the tricks and malice of hobgoblins, or even the freaks and vagaries of fortune itself, enact against youth, beauty, and health such as yours?

Definition of Enact

(transitive, law) to make (a bill) into law | (transitive) to act the part of; to play | (transitive) to do; to effect
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