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  • On her palm lay what looked like a heavy enameled ring.
  • Fahrenheit, while good enameled wire will stand 400 deg.
  • Sleepy cafes displayed enameled tin advertisements of Paris drinks.

How To Use Enameled In A Sentence?

  • And now he understood why his machine was enameled black instead of being nickel finished.
  • She put her back to the door and braced her hands against the white enameled panels.
  • They might have enameled the house inside and out, and have left the furniture alone.
  • Eagerly, his hand slipped over the enameled wall and found the electric switch.
  • Here on numberless white enameled shelves were placed the boxes of candy ready for shipment.
  • From the floor of the chancel the flying ribs of the roof seem sections of delicate enameled work.
  • Aluminum ware makes the best utensil, though enameled ware or agate ware may be used.
  • The blue-flowered side curtains of the white enameled bunks were draped back in ornamental stiffness.
  • In the matter of heat-resisting properties the enameled wire possesses a great advantage over silk and cotton.
  • Pine enameled in white or black is as good, so long as it matches the woodwork or furniture of the room.
  • The enameled and gold wreaths of myrtle or of forget-me-nots are extremely pretty for these simple pins.
  • The enameled picture inset in the cover displayed a naked goat-leg fellow plucking a cluster from a vine.
  • Put the mix into an enameled pan, for anything with a metal surface will turn the cheese black in cooking.
  • The bag was now turned inside out, so that the enameled surface lay on the outside and the seams turned inward.
  • Tiny gold butterflies and enameled wings for the girls and stick pins with bumble bees in black and gold for the boys.
  • The shell is enameled inside and out with a heavy black insulating enamel baked on, and said to be of great durability.
  • The enameled iron furniture seemed to be made to order without cracks, and there were no tidies or fancy work about.
  • Smoky afternoon sunlight, reflected from a shimmering surface, sparkled and bubbled against the white enameled wall.
  • Besides this there was also a small enameled medal and two crosses, one of cypress wood, the other of brass.
  • It contains one hundred and thirty-two figures, all of enameled gold and each one most perfectly and elaborately finished.
  • Now, with the enameled side of the cover piece turned inward, its edges were sewed to the edges of the first piece.
  • The watch was a lovely one, with an enameled back studded with pearls, and the chain was made of eighteen-carat gold.
  • He wore an armor of gold enameled with green, a plume of green feathers, and a lance adorned with green ribbons.
  • It was a pretty room, papered in dainty blue and white, with a blue and white floor rug and white enameled furniture.
  • There were knives and forks, enameled plates and cups, even such minor requisites as salt, pepper and mustard.
  • The fragrant yellow jessamine clusters in golden bugles over shrubs and trees, and the sward is enameled with the white, yellow and blue violet.
  • Directly in the center of the auditorium floor the Stewart and Clinch arms are impaled, enameled in brass.
  • He bought a larger bunch than he could conveniently hold, imagining that they might please Elsie, and farther on he purchased an enameled locket.
  • Thousands of little white stars enameled the turf, then turned to red strawberries, looking, in their green cups, like rubies set in emeralds.
  • The fine grasses are spangled with them, so that in the cup of the great fierce countries the meadows seem like beautiful green ornaments enameled with jewels.
  • It is better to have a white enameled or whitewashed sheet-iron reflecting hood, which will protect the sides from wind, if such an arrangement suits other requirements.
  • The inner bags were just like those of the first sleeping bag, but as there was no more rubber sheeting in town we had to make the outer bag of enameled cloth, such as is used for carriage curtains.
  • The stuff was a large plaid, the elbows and knees came in the wrong places, the seat was lined with enameled cloth, and the sleeves cut him in the armholes.

Definition of Enameled

(US) simple past tense and past participle of enamel

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