Enchanting In A Sentence

Definition of Enchanting

Having the ability to enchant; charming, delightful. | present participle of enchant | An act of enchantment.

How To Use Enchanting In A Sentence?

  • Does she really mean that he may come up to this enchanting spot every morning?
  • Every moment one enchanting prospect after another opened to our wondering eyes.
  • But it all seemed bright again now, and the country was enchanting in the yellow evening light.
  • Then she tilted her nose aloft in enchanting mimicry of his lean and forward-thrust face.
  • Her soul was full of it, and it ran off the ends of her fingers in the most enchanting manner.
  • Her beauty haunted him, that spring-like beauty with its enchanting youth and gaiety.
  • To one who for the first time visits our towns, the scene is enchanting in the extreme.
  • Margaret thought the day brighter, softer, more enchanting than ever before known.
  • There was never such a summer of enchanting weather as that particular summer in Wells.
  • And on the pearly shore, enchanting sight, Are all the friends we thought within the grave.
  • Either the orator or the poet have said or sung the praises of most of the great men who lie buried in Westminster Abbey, in enchanting strains.
  • Society would not have bored her so much perhaps if that secret enchanting background had remained intact.
  • His eyes were so sweet under your frills, and his paws were so enchanting coming out of your sleeves.
  • And following his childishly enchanting game he began to feel rather abashed over what had brought him here.
  • The flowers unfolded to more and more enchanting loveliness, and through the thick foliage sighed the sweetest music.
  • It is a charming place, about six miles from this, all lakes and trees, and the most enchanting gardens.
  • The wonderful, enchanting world that she had come out of her hills to conquer was cut down to the four little grey walls that enclosed her.
  • For the moment he forgot the shadowy figure he had seen, and lingered as if unwilling to miss one detail of the enchanting landscape.
  • You're the last man in the world I expected to break into this enchanting milieu.
  • It had become not enough to know that she was young and slender, with enchanting eyes and a teasing spirit of wit....
  • He was remembering her as something lovelier than a Houri, more enchanting than fairy magic, more sweet than spring.
  • Fairies, who no longer bewitch children, have turned their attention instead to enchanting the young, slender birches of the mountain waysides.
  • They sat for some time gazing upon the enchanting scene, then rose, and still keeping together, wandered on till they reached the wooded island.
  • As she moved, her floating saffron dress of the rare muslin of Amorgos now revealed her delicate form, now clothed her in an enchanting cloud.
  • He approached them and little by little he was led on by the enchanting sweetness of their music and the liveliness of their playing until he got within their circle.
  • Indeed, he must have been an enchanting child, with his long, flaxen curls, bright colouring, and fine, intelligent head.
  • Democritus would have found something enchanting about the banks of the Jordan and the shores of the Dead Sea.
  • This is the false, enchanting light, And when it smoulders into night, How can each know the other is there?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Enchanting | Enchanting Sentence

  • A most enchanting day!
  • What an enchanting fate is this!
  • But she shall suffer for enchanting you.
  • A volume of enchanting poetry.
  • Azure peaks frame the enchanting picture.
  • Breathe such divine, enchanting ravishment?
  • Do you see my white, sharp, enchanting little teeth?
  • She uttered these words with an enchanting expression of devotion.
  • With poetry's enchanting strain.
  • Oh, but the most enchanting duck ponds you could sit for days to watch!
  • How romantic are the veriest, every-day occurrences of this enchanting city.
  • These were most enchanting tales, and little Luke enjoyed them exceedingly.

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