Encumbrance In A Sentence

How To Use Encumbrance In A Sentence?

  • They have no benches or chairs, and thus they get rid of the encumbrance of much furniture.
  • He had left Albert at home, judging him to be worse than an encumbrance in matters of this sort.
  • He leaped backward, away from the encumbrance at his ankles, making the first hoarse effort at a shout for help.
  • This occupied two days, as the path was difficult, and we found a sad encumbrance in our skirts, which suffered much in the traverse.
  • Freed from the encumbrance of my baggage, I set off on a good horse down the north coast, and moving from east to west.
  • This can be done by skilful workmen so that the bow is as good as any other ordinary bow by the same maker, and is free from the encumbrance of the patent.
  • Costly china is only an encumbrance to a woman who is going to follow the fortunes of her soldier husband, and who will not have a settled home for years.
  • I understood that the multitude of these statues was beginning to be felt as an encumbrance in almost every family, and that the custom would probably before long fall into desuetude.
  • It was a useless encumbrance to him, and he had sold it for a new assegai to some Batauana people near Lake Ngami.
  • If anybody in this neighbourhood has anything that is both an eyesore and an encumbrance they bestow it on Edward for his muck-room, where he stores it against an impossible contingency.
  • Mrs. Bonneville was an encumbrance upon me all the while she was here, for she would not do anything, not even make an apple dumplin for her own children.
  • More than ever, now, he detested the presence of the child with him and Lou, for it was likely to prove a serious encumbrance in their further flight.
  • He took a large mouthful of the warm water, and then, with careful aim, squirted it between the stone and my face, and we soon had the encumbrance removed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Encumbrance | Encumbrance Sentence

  • He looked on wealth as an encumbrance to a man.
  • They are often an embarrassment and an encumbrance to it rather than a help.
  • So also the spiritual body may survive the encumbrance of a few false members.

Definition of Encumbrance

Something that encumbers; a burden that must be carried. | (law) An interest, right, burden, or liability attached to a title of land, such as a lien or mortgage. | (law) One who is dependent on another.
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