Encyclical In A Sentence

Definition of Encyclical

Intended for general circulation. | A papal letter delivered to bishops in the Roman Catholic Church.

How To Use Encyclical In A Sentence?

  • The Encyclical indicates the measures which are to be taken officially against Modernists.
  • When the Pope in an Encyclical calls himself your father, it is a matter of faith or of doubt.
  • Even before the Encyclical the Modernists had used very bold language about the authority of the Church.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Encyclical | Encyclical Sentence

  • After this the council issued its encyclical and the bishops dispersed.
  • The Encyclical of His Holiness, 8th December, 1864.
  • The official Encyclical of the present Pope Leo XIII.

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