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  • Copyright is not an end in itself.
  • Cut from the end in rounds.
  • Twould end in the river.
  • It cannot end in indecision.
  • I at the end in an hour.
  • With what end in view?
  • Pleasure alone is an end in itself.
  • Each being has no doubt its own end in itself.
  • For both men had the same end in view.
  • Seal this end in the bunsen flame.
  • She is near her end in any case.
  • Amusement was still the end in view.
  • I dare say it will end in that.
  • Treat the opposite end in the same way.
  • There it might end in an inquest.
  • I should laugh if it were all to end in a marriage.
  • What can all this devotion end in but disappointment!
  • Shall all our friendship end in enmitie?
  • His end in fact was most edifying.
  • Thus we end in merry sport.
  • He was kneeling down and holding the end in his hand.
  • And probably it would end in nothing.
  • The world was to come to an end in his time.
  • It could but end in one way.
  • But neither health nor wealth are an end in themselves.
  • In some ways it was a relief to have the end in sight.
  • If he were to meet his end in that place of all others?
  • Split from the tip to the stem end in quarters.
  • The end in view is the measure of the practicable.
  • But political reform is regarded not as an end in itself.
  • But how is the swallow-hole sure to end in a cave?
  • He brushed scruples aside for the end in view.
  • Chairs and sofas we have without end in variety and beauty.
  • And it might end in three or four weeks!
  • And that phase could end in but one way.

How To Use End In In A Sentence?

  • But they end in themselves, and lead nowhither.
  • They begin and they end in sheer literary virtuosity.
  • A bad habit will end in a bad life.
  • Then the value of the fire law is at an end in that region.
  • It would end in the sacrifice of the black population.

Definition of End In

To have at the ending; to have as its termination.
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