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  • His selfishness is his most endearing quality.
  • The old endearing epithet!
  • He had heard a score of men call her by endearing names.
  • She held him close, and whispered endearing things.
  • It was not an endearing thing to do or a very intelligent one.
  • He called her by every endearing name that he could think of.
  • I tried by a thousand endearing words to call her back to consciousness.
  • She bent over the bed, addressing him by a dozen endearing epithets.
  • Lydia caught at the endearing word, and something like a spasm moved her face.
  • Mboyo was sobbing, rocking his body to and fro, murmuring endearing words.

How To Use Endearing In A Sentence?

  • It was just this kind of efficient attention that was gradually endearing him to his employer.
  • It was the first time she had used an endearing expression to him since he had brought her home.
  • Among all the millions of earth he could not call one by the endearing name of friend!
  • He pressed me almost frantic to his bosom, called on me in the most endearing terms.
  • The girl was gently stroking his forehead with considerable affection, murmuring endearing terms.
  • Little Frances looked up to her, with the most endearing and perfect confidence.
  • As I was the youngest of the party, he received me with the most endearing familiarity.
  • Thy babe now comes to take the endearing place, A creature not beyond thy fond embrace.
  • From the age of ten Hyacinth had resented having to call Lady Cannon by this endearing name.
  • Bluebird, endearing qualities, 43; nesting, 43, 44, 54; experience with a pair, 44-48.
  • And she could no more have described them to you than if they had been so many endearing young charms.
  • She alone is fitted for the discharge of the sacred trust of wife and the endearing relation of mother.
  • This certitude was so far from agreeable to him that he almost found it in him to drop the endearing title by which he had hitherto addressed her.
  • The little celluloid button showing his transfigured and endearing smile was worn on millions of lapels.
  • He was double her age, therefore the endearing terms in which she addressed him were not exactly out of place.
  • He approached the bed and lifted her cold hands and called her by endearing names, but she did not answer him.
  • He used the word old not in the endearing sense in which it is sometimes applied to intimates, but as a matter of sober fact.
  • They talked to the toad-like mountebank in the most endearing tones, evidently believing it was their dead baby toddling before them.
  • He uttered endearing expressions in a voice so low that no ears except those for which they were intended heard them, and they gave no heed.
  • Leaning over him, almost overcome by the stench, with endearing terms she strove to rouse him to consciousness and recognition of her.
  • This endearing trait, which made him so successful as a husband, was probably the cause of his unmitigated failure as a reformer.
  • The richness of this quality is one of the most endearing things in Hamsun's characters.
  • They slapped him on the back; they called him all sorts of harsh-sounding but endearing names; they jostled him to and fro.
  • If we had not understood what he said, he might have been addressing endearing remarks to his horse, or holding serious converse with a friend.
  • It had the effect of endearing the Major to the men who never in any kind of subsequent trouble, failed to appeal to him.
  • A broadside of endearing epithets, even when properly aimed and apparently raking the whole wharf, is apt to be impotent and harmless.
  • There is a striking and endearing charm about the Cuban ladies, their every motion being replete with a native grace.
  • Encouraged by a view of success, her address supplanted her timidity, and, bending forwards, she called to him with endearing expressions.
  • As they were in covenant with the God of Israel, he addressed them in the endearing character of a husband.
  • It would be a difficult thing to find a village, valley or an isle of any ocean on the face of the globe where the familiar endearing name of Fred.

Definition of Endearing

Inspiring affection or love, often in a childlike way. | present participle of endear. | Synonym of endearment.
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