Endearments In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Endearments | Endearments Sentence

  • More subdued endearments from Dee.
  • The rest of the ride passed in endearments and the engagement vow was made.
  • Such endearments I should have shewn my father, on the like tender occasion.

How To Use Endearments In A Sentence?

  • She did not cover him with caresses and endearments when she saw him; she never did.
  • Her satisfaction lay in the knowledge that she was beloved and his whispered endearments gave her bliss.
  • And she drew him down to her breast and caressed his cheek, sighing and murmuring little endearments and sweet, broken words of love.
  • Then, as suddenly, his muscles relaxed, until Sally by repeated endearments baffled his indignation and softened his anger.
  • During the intonation of the ritual, the twin-souls put into practice the manifestations of those endearments prayed for, and which they certainly seemed to possess.
  • This being done, the females throwing a piece of cloth over the heads of both, desire them to glance at each other with all the fond endearments of a wedded pair.

Definition of Endearments

plural of endearment
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