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  • The men endeavored to dissuade him.
  • He endeavored to choose what was right.
  • I endeavored to awaken hope within him.
  • Had she not endeavored to persuade her a dozen times?
  • This is what I have endeavored to do in the present work.
  • In it Thompson endeavored to prove the parallel postulate.
  • His wounds troubled him but he endeavored to shake off the feeling.
  • The sad tale with which we have endeavored to entertain the reader is over.
  • Rattleton had vainly endeavored to get upon the regular team.
  • The author within these pages has endeavored to put plain fact plainly.
  • I endeavored to take her hand, but she shrunk from my very touch with horror.
  • Birge and Molineux endeavored in vain to check their rapidity.
  • I remained silent, however, and endeavored to maintain a look of tranquillity.
  • He endeavored to introduce the Leibnitz differential calculus into England.

How To Use Endeavored In A Sentence?

  • A few years ago, Science endeavored to show that it was not inconsistent with the bible.
  • We endeavored to step aside, but the multitude stepped aside also, and would not let us alone.
  • The National Grange has endeavored to keep strictly aloof from partisan politics.
  • That is what I have endeavored to do, but I did not succeed nor achieve my aim in all instances.
  • I have endeavored to point out some of those which have occurred to me, and most of them very early.
  • I tore away the shirt, and endeavored to hold together the edges of the wound until it was bandaged.
  • It has shown us as much as we can map in these pages, and that we have endeavored to do with at least the merit of accuracy.
  • I looked up wistfully at him, among the basses, and endeavored to persuade him with my eyes to come down.
  • The seamen endeavored to dissuade her, but the imminence of her danger on shore, and the magnanimity of her spirit urged her on.
  • Victoriano dismounted, and endeavored to loosen the tight noose, but it was so firmly drawn that he could not move it.
  • When a Greek sculptor chiseled his marble he endeavored to express the spirit and heart of the city.
  • We have endeavored to estimate the claims of Secularism, and to examine the foundations on which it rests.
  • Starkenfaust endeavored to soothe him to calmness; promised faithfully to execute his wish, and gave him his hand in solemn pledge.
  • Knowing that the angry owners of the wheels must be close upon them, the men endeavored to increase their speed, with disastrous results.
  • I saw at once into what hands I had fallen, but endeavored to summon up coolness and presence of mind.
  • I took my gourd, which was filled with wine, and applying it to her lips, endeavored to make her swallow a little.
  • Little Martin went to a peasant and endeavored to procure employment, by which he might be able to earn some money.
  • I extricated myself from his clutches and endeavored to make my retreat; but I was confounded by his cries of thieves! and robbers!
  • At this moment, a soldier who had gone overboard and endeavored to reach the shore, had turned back, and was seen swimming near the vessel.
  • She proved to be a Baltimore clipper, and had endeavored to run away from us, taking us for the same craft we had supposed her to be.
  • For perhaps an hour he endeavored in vain to pick up a ship or a station in any of the South American countries.
  • Her bonnet-strings, now very disorderly indeed, were entangled in a knot, which Clara patiently endeavored to divide.
  • You will infer, however, that I did not remain in just the condition of mind which I have endeavored to describe.
  • Other Presidents have acted on that hypothesis without daring to admit it, and endeavored to control Congress by patronage and by threats.
  • He has appended a list of works which he has consulted, and has endeavored to acknowledge his indebtedness for any help in the way of argument or illustration that they have afforded him.
  • During an hour they did their best to escape, but only to be dragged back with many a kick and blow each time they endeavored to sneak out of the encampment.

Definition of Endeavored

simple past tense and past participle of endeavor
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