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  • The endless trouble of a capillary complaint!
  • Violet flames shot from the exhaust in an endless stream.
  • There had been endless trouble since he bought the piano.
  • The design in gold is an endless chain representing life.
  • Holding the man she loves fore-doomed to endless death!
  • The time seemed endless to James, as he lay there.
  • I looked long and earnestly into that endless procession of faces.
  • Thus these endless perplexities go on, and no help, no consolation!
  • The cold water business furnished endless jests, but it survived them.
  • He traversed endless galleries, no end of lofty halls, innumerable doors.
  • And added to this the endless mazes of the Black Forest wearied us too.
  • Kiel Week thenceforward was an endless round of Anglo-German pleasantries.
  • At first, I put it down to her endless comedy with M. Auguste.

How To Use Endless In A Sentence?

  • Was there ever to be in human life more than that endless struggling individualism?
  • It means a kind of jugglery which brings an endless series out of one small term.
  • A vast sun-scorched plain stretching away in endless miles under a blazing sky.
  • She spent endless time at her toilet; every morning she carefully smoothed out her fur.
  • But coal, with its trail of dust, was an endless necessity, and at least could be regulated.
  • Let nothing harden into ice and death, Works endless living action everywhere.
  • They adore an endless number of them, and have "tutti i Santi" always on their lips.
  • I bowled rather straight and fast, and spent endless hours acquiring the skill to bowl Flack out.
  • What he was afraid of in the coming night was sleeplessness and the endless strain of that wearisome task.
  • If he is anxious to try to repair the endless chain he has only to cut out the pieces at the back of the book.
  • What could he do then under such circumstances but sit down again, and write poems in absolutely endless quantities?
  • After that he worked in darkness, save for the glow from endless cigars which he went into the cabin to light.
  • With the deep instinct for perfection in her blood, she had spent her life in an endless compromise with the inferior.
  • In dealing with this endless problem, philosophy seems to be baulked by an impregnable obstacle to its progress.
  • But even before 1906 there were endless intimations that the dams holding back great reservoirs of discussion were crumbling.
  • The Cockaynes found themselves borne by the endless stream of customers into a vast and lofty gallery.
  • Seated before the burning hemp-stalks, with her pretty brown face between her hands, she lost herself in endless reveries.
  • She dreamed that she was descending endless stairs and dark corridors, with a heavy, shapeless burden on her shoulders.
  • And most palpable in it was the unrest, which spoke of an endless struggle with life, and had ended by goading him into incessant wandering.
  • It has resulted in standardized airplane parts, instead of the endless confusion of designs and makes that existed a few years ago.
  • The endless number of workers, that worked on weaponry in front of them, paid little mind to the two men.
  • The streets had seemed to her gray, endless canons, from whose pavements the heat arose and eddied in dizzying waves.
  • That and the drives in dog-carts were only the first of endless points of resemblance between them and the commoner sort of American girl.
  • There were endless columns of living flesh, where people were herded like animals by other people, and transported to large camps.
  • On experiment, the horizon flies before us, and leaves us on an endless common, sheltered by no glass bell.
  • Truth nowhere finds opposition in fact, date, or principle: error is opposed by endless proofs of the kind.
  • Between the two armies, Theaetetus, there is always an endless conflict raging concerning these matters.

Definition of Endless

Having no end. | Extending indefinitely. | (obsolete) Without profitable end; fruitless; unsatisfying.
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