Endorse In A Sentence

How To Use Endorse In A Sentence?

  • It was necessary that the premier should endorse his conduct with his own chief.
  • I am sure he could be very useful in this emergency; he will endorse the notes.
  • The recipe is an excellent one; pedestrians and teachers of gymnastics all endorse it.
  • He declined to endorse my order to make the arrest of Martin, unless I explained fully the case.
  • Let farmers endorse each other if they will; they know each other's risks and resources.
  • Whether public sentiment will continue to endorse these local revolutions is the question that can be answered only by time.
  • Public opinion would also have to endorse the segregation of persons tainted with communicable sexual disease.
  • He said it would not be fair to those chiefly concerned, and he appealed to me to endorse his opinion.
  • Quarles was not inclined to endorse this opinion, and the secretary was nothing loath to argue the point.
  • None of you has ever dared to insist on his opinion about anything until he had secured the cowardly corroboration of a fact or so to endorse him.
  • The music is not great, but unprejudiced musicians will scarcely endorse the captious remarks of the reviewer.
  • It was a women's political mass meeting to endorse the candidacy of a woman municipal official.
  • I hold that no man has a right to ask you to endorse his paper unless he can either endorse for you or give good security.
  • The peace societies will not endorse this contention; but the history of international relations gives force to that proposition.
  • This means, apparently, that the judgment has no right to do more than endorse the deliverances of the perceptive faculty.
  • After hearing the evidence, the grand jury endorse upon the bill their judgment of the truth or falsehood of the charge.
  • His remains are said to have been transferred to a tomb in the present cathedral, but later antiquarians decline to endorse the tradition.
  • A motion was made to fully endorse them, especially in view of the recent action of the union in repudiating their agreement.
  • Secondly he desired the States to endorse a levy of fresh troops to meet his immediate requirements.
  • But there is weight of competent opinion to endorse the evolutionary teaching of Goldfuss that they rise above reptiles.
  • His success was too great: the calm judgment of posterity can never quite endorse the plaudits paid the living man.
  • I┬ácan endorse from experience the comfort of these old buildings, and the affection of Devon people for them.
  • I doubt not that many of my readers will, from their own experience, endorse every word of these remarks, as true to the very letter.
  • This figure appears on general grounds to be plausible, but I have not the knowledge to endorse or to criticize it.
  • The management of the Olympic billed her extensively as a very paragon of marvels, but most of the critics refused to endorse this opinion.
  • This may seem paradoxical, but none the less all practical oarsmen will, from their own personal experiences, endorse the statement.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Endorse | Endorse Sentence

  • I endorse your solution.
  • Will you endorse my note for that amount?
  • Of course we do not endorse the chapter on baptism.
  • In consideration of this, I endorse what you say.
  • Why, even Jack would not endorse a yarn like that.
  • The Peace Society ought to endorse Lesseps.
  • And such measures as they endorse they are likely to enforce by law.
  • He was required to endorse that which he could not possibly endorse.
  • I do not know that expert opinion is prepared to endorse this.
  • Yet we do not endorse the complacency of many leading supporters of evolution.
  • I endorse the study of elocution as a preparatory study for all singing.
  • Just endorse the draft--right here.
  • I'll also endorse your contract for payment if you will give it me.
  • No one should ever endorse any man's paper without security or an equivalent.

Definition of Endorse

To support, to back, to give one's approval to, especially officially or by signature. | To write one's signature on the back of a cheque, or other negotiable instrument, when transferring it to a third party, or cashing it. | To give an endorsement.
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