Endowed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Endowed | Endowed Sentence

  • He endowed it in 1440.
  • Nature had richly endowed her.
  • Geometry endowed with consciousness!
  • The gipsy had endowed him with a fortune.
  • She endowed him with every virtue.
  • It was as if pain had endowed her with understanding.
  • Man is endowed with an outer or physical reality.
  • He was very eminently endowed with a spirit of government.
  • He richly endowed schools and monasteries.
  • They are automata endowed with the faculty of digestion.
  • Nature has no consciousness, man is endowed with it.
  • The man was facially endowed for anything but virtue.
  • Nature has endowed us liberally with rich gifts.
  • Am I not endowed with this zeal?
  • Why should a man so endowed be compared to Shakespeare?
  • Dear Molo, you are endowed with magic powers.
  • Sectarian Training Colleges endowed to the hilt.
  • Founded and endowed by Henry II.
  • Godfrey, Benjamin, Female Seminary endowed by, 54.
  • But those other creatures are still endowed with their own laws of being.
  • They endowed all things about them with souls like their own.
  • Both were endowed by nature with the beauty of their mother.
  • She is supposed to be endowed with all the gentler attributes.
  • The brandies and soda had endowed him with irrepressible cheerfulness.
  • Nature has lavishly endowed them with many of her choicest gifts.
  • He is endowed by nature with ability for large and honest undertakings.
  • Man is endowed with volition and memory; nature has neither.
  • This house he endowed with a yearly income of three thousand ducats.
  • A woman's thought is endowed with incredible elasticity.
  • And the mere act of looking at the plan endowed the plot of land with reality.

How To Use Endowed In A Sentence?

  • Will which called them into being and endowed them with all their peculiar properties and powers.
  • He was an old gentleman who appeared to her to be endowed with great benevolence.
  • Undoubtedly the part must be endowed with the same qualities and properties as the whole.
  • Who has endowed plants with intelligence to shut themselves up at the approach of rain?
  • Tim answered her out of the fullness of the queer new wisdom with which love had endowed him.
  • She was endowed with that particular sort of wit which renders a woman adorable.
  • He was endowed with the utmost powers of physical endurance and moral strength.
  • My ideal stands before me endowed with all the majesty of this long ancestral line.
  • The women and children here are richly endowed with the blessings of health and strength.
  • To take the leap to the slope below seemed beyond any beast not endowed with wings.

Definition of Endowed

Provided or furnished with something. | Founded by an endowment. | simple past tense and past participle of endow
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