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  • He should enforce the same duty upon his client.
  • Nay, would enforce it.
  • Threats to enforce the punitive provisions of the law did not terrify them.
  • And such measures as they endorse they are likely to enforce by law.
  • The authorities were too divided among themselves to enforce public opinion.
  • Such at least is the law, but it is never necessary to enforce it.
  • As a bookseller, he was able to enforce his opinions in more ways than others.
  • We must increase our navy, they say, to enforce this new diplomacy.

How To Use Enforce In A Sentence?

  • We broke in like thieves to enforce redress for a grievance very like your own.
  • Public knowledge that there is someone to enforce the law tends to restrain the dangerous class.
  • The service requires frequent victims as examples to enforce the rigid discipline.
  • Even if such a statute existed, it would be tyrannical, as well as impossible, to enforce it.
  • Now mark how Christian lands would enforce this doctrine of unity by horrid coercions.
  • It had not dared to enforce the coercive paragraphs of the vaunted Munitions Law.
  • What is their industrial and class warfare but an attempt to enforce the doctrine of might is right?
  • The law will enforce her obligations with the same impartiality, whether such obligations are express or implied.
  • The professor's mind must be continually on the watch to prevent disorder and enforce attention.
  • I lay them down, not to enforce them upon others by disputation, but as an account of his proceedings.
  • I am thankful to you for those mild and gentle traits of character which you took such care to enforce upon me in my youthful days.
  • Would it be wise for the state to enforce service for the public good by a heavy, progressive inheritance tax?
  • Improvement and strict enforcement of laws against fire and trespass, with penalty for neglect to enforce them by any officer who is paid to do so.
  • The house-surgeon could not enforce his instructions, and repeated the experiment about two hours after the operation.
  • But they had the knack of asking in a rather menacing manner whatever they coveted; and the tomahawk was sometimes swung to enforce an appeal.
  • Early in 1809, congress passed an act allowing the use of the army and navy to enforce the embargo and make seizures.
  • I might, with more appearance of justice, be blamed for thinking it necessary to enforce what everybody is supposed to know.
  • As will be shown later, it could secure no treaties of any importance, since its impotence to enforce them was patent.
  • Again they talked of organizing coercion gangs, to enforce the order on the barbers, under threat of wrecking their shops.
  • The present laws are not always efficiently enforced, and the child of the foreign born suffers especially from such failure to enforce the law.
  • The bitter hatred against religion, which is always a symptom of possession, would naturally tend to enforce such a presumption.
  • As my father had four stout footmen to enforce his commands, his Lordship had no choice but acquiescence.
  • But though Alured was much improved as to obedience, it was almost impossible to enforce this command.
  • This method gave promise of success; but a number of holders of scrip refused to surrender it, and brought suit to enforce payment.
  • He was under instructions as Governor to enforce this view, which was, indeed, sustained by judicial precedents.
  • It is mine to enforce it by my conception of the situation as it stands in Russia and Europe to-day.
  • To enforce it against Canada became an impossibility, and to prevent vessels from escaping a {201} matter of great difficulty.
  • Similar laws exist in most of the slave States, and patrols are sent out after night and on the Sabbath day to enforce them.
  • The State courts felt in no way bound to enforce the treaty, nor did State legislatures choose to carry it out.
  • All that is necessary to do is to make the laws, and so guide things that the officials who enforce the laws are responsive to the interests of the propertied classes.
  • And to enforce this lesson, he assured them that it was displeasing to the gods for men to attempt to pry into the wonderful art wherewith they had constructed the universe.
  • Many houses displayed large signs, "No book agents allowed here," and they kept ferocious dogs to enforce the rule.

Definition of Enforce

To keep up, impose or bring into effect something, not necessarily by force. [from 17thc.] | To give strength or force to; to affirm, to emphasize. [from 15thc.] | (obsolete, transitive) To strengthen (a castle, town etc.) with extra troops, fortifications etc. [14th-18thc.]

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