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  • This he enforced by a threat.
  • Religion had been enforced by armies and navies.
  • They enforced moral self-control.
  • The enforced stillness was not good for their nerves.
  • Then she sat her bulk down with a sigh of enforced content.
  • They were growing very dejected under their enforced detention.
  • The laws contained no process more strongly enforced than this.
  • Naturally this enforced companionship made the two men friends.
  • Her sentences were balanced, and her thoughts enforced by repetition.
  • Nevertheless, the Sedition act was enforced to a farcical degree.

How To Use Enforced In A Sentence?

  • Whether competition should be enforced or stimulated by society is a question in economics.
  • And if there is this repugnance in him now, may it not grow with the enforced intimacy?
  • For the universal good, it will be inexorably enforced against the individual transgressor.
  • But the usual pig performance had to be omitted owing to the enforced absence of the pig.
  • And he enforced his words with a grip on my arm that almost crushed the flesh into the bones.
  • Better men than these might have been driven to mutiny by the enforced toil and bad food.
  • There is no penalty enforced by the group for an earlier marriage, but the custom is firmly fixed.
  • The immediate consequences of this enforced withdrawal were, of course, extremely grave.
  • This maxim she enforced by example, for no entreaties could prevail upon her to be seated in our presence.
  • The beauties of law as made and enforced by the property interests, are herein illustriously exemplified.
  • Nevertheless, the decree was enforced by the proper officers, who went round to the different baths.
  • As he wanted to ask a question, a very important question, this enforced silence became exasperating.
  • Now, certain nations have substituted for such humanitarianism, outrage, brutality and enforced slavery.
  • The alternative would be the restoration of some system of enforced labor, of slavery, for the vast majority of men.
  • Laws, the judges who enforced them, and the spirit of the age reflected not so much the morality of the people as their trading necessities.
  • She wanted a villa where she could have Bran to herself, after the long months of enforced absences from him.
  • As a matter of mere enjoyment, walks in fresh air are beneficial, but not as an enforced exercise for the reason of health.
  • It should be a rule stringently enforced that, as soon as racks are emptied, the bars should be removed to the factory to be cleansed thoroughly.
  • Let us talk of you, of me, of both, of our future," said he with enforced cheerfulness.
  • The time has long passed when the system of extortion enforced upon the Cubans served to recuperate the royal treasury.
  • Decorum was, however, enforced after this, and the more bigoted Muhammadans had to curb their violence.
  • In this country, however, this principle needs to be enforced upon legislators and rulers quite as much as upon the people, perhaps even more.
  • It should be noted that all these and similar statutes were under governments unrestrained by written constitutions and bills of right enforced by an independent judiciary.
  • But why, I ask, cannot this new diplomacy be enforced as American diplomacy has always been enforced?
  • Second only in importance to good fire laws well enforced is the enactment of tax laws which will permit the perpetuation of existing forests by use.
  • Their enforced rest had of itself allowed them to cool somewhat, and by reducing the speed until we reached a cooler region, they did not stick again.
  • Debts contracted after the acquisition of the property, but before it has acquired the homestead character by actual occupancy, may be enforced against the property.
  • Laws that threaten and are not enforced become like King Log, whose croaking subjects first feared, then despised him.
  • In the case of this sleigh-ride, the disobedience to known and strictly enforced rules made her more anxiety than any case of a similar kind had given her for years.
  • A virtuous life enforced from the examples of the holy angels, and from the exceeding greatness of that reward which God has prepared for us.

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simple past tense and past participle of enforce
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