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  • This wood had been got with some difficulty from the engineers and was very precious.
  • He found a large percentage of engineers and scientists who would have none of his nonsense.
  • Engineers and firemen lounged on their cab seats, looking down the yards north expectantly.
  • Under cover of this tremendous fire the Engineers and the leading company advanced up the path.
  • The latter place held by twenty-eight American engineers and about one hundred Russians.
  • One is a major of the Royal Engineers, and another, also a sapper, belongs to the gilded staff.
  • The constructions were steadily growing under the energetic hands of his engineers and marine architects.
  • Dalgas had himself transferred from the artillery to the engineers, and was detailed as road inspector.
  • Many of the engineers and foremen had dressed up that morning, and a few had fished out a white shirt.
  • Engineers and workmen were sent to examine the quarries and to prop up their roofs lest the weight of buildings above should break them in.
  • Innocent tourists, engineers, and commercial travellers were arrested by the score on the charge of espionage.
  • I consulted with the best engineers, and they said the scheme was most feasible, and so we began work.
  • And a minority of engineers and nuclear physicists who remained unpersuaded that accidental blowups at nuclear-reaction plants were impossible.
  • But, vital as they are to its success, the, telephone art requires more than engineers and scientists.
  • Engineers and sappers accompanied it, cutting down the forests and making roads as it marched, and the commissariat was carefully attended to.
  • The machinist has wrought and watched, engineers and firemen without number have been sacrificed in learning to tame and guide the monster.
  • The garrison was numerous, the stores equal to the longest siege, and their engineers and commanders high in reputation.
  • His plans were approved by an advisory board of very eminent engineers; and by the end of one year the value of the work began to show.
  • Revis, he says that these engineers and contractors that he's recommended'll do the whole job twenty per cent.
  • On piles in the marsh houses were built for the engineers and the workmen, and the Jetties were begun.
  • This creates a constant demand for engineers and machinists, for whom the Cubans depend upon this country.
  • If there are engineers and mechanics, they will organize the railways, etc; and if there are none, a government cannot create them.
  • The higher grades were formed into chief engineers, and they were raised to the rank of commissioned officers, taking their place after masters.
  • This is one of the works projected and finished by French engineers, and is said to be of a first-rate description.
  • Upon this important point the evidence of the engineers and of the minority members of the Board is strongly in favor of the lock-canal project.
  • Prospectors, engineers, and capitalists from the four corners of the Republic hurried to the new city.
  • I should turn into a volcano and burn them all up, all the engineers and all the English governesses....
  • Tables of barometrical heights to 20,000 feet, specially adapted for the use of officers on service, civil engineers and travellers.
  • A Handbook of Practical Instruction for Young Engineers and those in charge of Steam Engines.
  • Mr. Batchelder also remembers that the engineers and firemen of that early day invariably wore white shirts upon their locomotives.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Engineers And | Engineers And Sentence

  • Engineers and guns will follow.
  • Engineers and doughboys slaved at the toil.
  • The engineers and the draftsmen particularly.
  • Royal Engineers and others.
  • Mining Engineers and Experts, 25 Broad.
  • Two engineers and one fireman were killed and five trainmen injured.
  • Architects, engineers, and missionaries likewise have their guilds.
  • In my class were university graduates, artisans, engineers and musicians.
  • Sir Modava, the engineers, and the cook immediately joined in with him.
  • Tom was with the Engineers, and Jimmie and Sam had joined the Tank Service.
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