Engines in a sentence

Definition of Engines

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of engine | plural of engine

How to use Engines in a Sentence?

  • Now the engines and their trains glide away home.
  • These engines were constructed to burn anthracite coal.
  • The engineer took me down to see the engines last night.
  • For the rest they must needs wait until the engines came.
  • Then the gangway was run in, and the engines started.

Short Example Sentence for Engines

  • Can you find engines for it?
  • English engines are the most expensive.
  • Both her engines were smashed.
  • Up and down the engines pounded.
  • With engines the experience was the same.
  • Could it be that her engines had met with an accident?
  • Donkey engines screamed intermittently.
  • Still the vibrations of the engines continued.
  • What is the reason those engines are not at work?
  • The engines almost stopped.
  • The throb of the engines ceased.
  • Her engines were strained to the utmost.
  • The engines pounded briskly.
  • Boilers and engines in excellent shape.
  • The first were terrific engines of destruction.
  • The roar of the twin engines was his answer.
  • The only way out was shut off when the engines arrived.
  • The most powerful engines he regarded as toys.
  • Four engines appeared to compete for the prizes.
  • He could hear no sound of engines now.
  • Scotty checked the engines and confirmed the claim.
  • The engines pumped the supply from the sewers.
  • Jim heard the engines and rushed up on deck.
  • He constructed engines for battering down the walls.
  • And he started the engines of the motor-car.
  • There engines were attached in the open street.
  • These powerful engines did not work in vain.
  • His engines have wearied him and his cities are evil.
  • It made steam engines and sewing machines.
  • Fire engines dashed bravely in every direction.
  • Mitch reversed the engines and swung quickly away.
  • His heart was racing like the engines of a motor.
  • The engines were at work, and we were saved!
  • Here the engines cease and the wheels stop their grinding.
  • The worn-out engines frequently broke down.