Enlarging In A Sentence

Definition of Enlarging

present participle of enlarge | The act of one who enlarges.

How To Use Enlarging In A Sentence?

  • This instrument for enlarging or reducing a picture was invented about the year 1603.
  • I should have been sorry to miss such a chance of enlarging my knowledge of human nature.
  • As a matter of fact, few things are as useful to the amateur as a good enlarging outfit.
  • I have shrunk, as will have been seen, from the dangerous venture of enlarging my brief catalogue.
  • This leaf acts as a spring, continually enlarging the opening until the ear plugs can be inserted.
  • For he had been clearing land steadily, year after year, without enlarging his main ditch.
  • The spirit of America has from the beginning been exerted in enlarging the rights of human beings.
  • And at present, for enlarging and fitting up the house, your Majesty could give some alms.
  • Trade, without enlarging the British territories, has given us a kind of additional empire.
  • The men spent their time in improving their positions and enlarging the ditches in which they were lying.
  • All moneyed men who were worth their salt were always alive to opportunities of enlarging their possessions.
  • He had the peculiar impression that the sheriff was submerged in water, enlarging grotesquely as he approached.
  • Manufactories of all sorts are enlarging their borders, increasing their machinery, and calling for more hands.
  • A means of enlarging a limited acquaintance and a reputation for giving good dinners is in itself a passport to fashionable society.
  • As the disease progresses, there is softening and enlarging of the cancellated tissue towards the centre of the bone.
  • And you may helpe them much by enlarging their rootes with the taws of the tree, whence you take them.
  • The apparatus for enlarging with artificial light is, as has been stated, more expensive than that for use with daylight.
  • The new material that was added in 1936 was intended to assist in enlarging the viewpoint and in broadening the basis of professional judgment.
  • If the cost is of little or no moment, very serviceable enlarging cameras can be bought for about twenty-five dollars.
  • As to strengthening my mind and enlarging my knowledge, these things are valuable to you, but on me they are thrown away.
  • She has more patience, and she is more thorough in little things; her environment is enlarging and life is more interesting.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Enlarging | Enlarging Sentence

  • Dethom was enlarging what he was enlarging.
  • Meanwhile he was enlarging his collection of documents.
  • Double printing in enlarging is not at all difficult.
  • The enlarging boat was evidently coming ashore.
  • Its use was in saving the soul and enlarging the mind.
  • She quickened at this, enlarging her guarantee.
  • We multiply, instead of enlarging these enterprises.
  • They were enlarging it when I was there.
  • Style simple, enlarging at the base in a bilobed stigma.
  • Then he went on, enlarging enthusiastically upon his idea.
  • Style enlarging upward; curved like a button-hook.
  • They are enlarging the Tiber, making great walls, etc.
  • Rosamond trying each on and enlarging on its points of excellence.
  • Attention in this direction has the effect of enlarging the life of the soul.
  • Yet his days also were spent in enlarging his literary attainments.
  • The change is due to an enlarging of the thought and life of man.
  • We will first consider enlarging by daylight with home-made apparatus.
  • Factors enlarging the scope of Women's Wage-work.
  • Converts any Camera into an Enlarging Lantern without the use of Condensers.

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