Enlightened In A Sentence

How To Use Enlightened In A Sentence?

  • This is the most important problem which an enlightened civilization has before it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Enlightened | Enlightened Sentence

  • Paddy enlightened him.
  • Jack soon enlightened them.
  • A flash enlightened him.
  • A further scrutiny enlightened him.
  • Neither parent enlightened her.
  • Alas for her enlightened eyes!
  • But the boatswain enlightened him.
  • These few words enlightened me.
  • Then his wife enlightened him.
  • He did not feel a bit enlightened by it.
  • Her next words enlightened him.
  • Imagine that they are the great and enlightened public.
  • West enlightened him with most unusual vigour.
  • Have we not established our enlightened institutions?
  • Quite casually he was enlightened on this point.
  • I should very much like to be enlightened on the subject.
  • Jealousy soon enlightened her as to what was taking place.
  • Found him fully enlightened and deeply convicted.
  • It seems incredible in these enlightened days.
  • So said the people of the enlightened lands.
  • What still prompts enlightened nations to worship?
  • He showed great sagacity as well as an enlightened mind.
  • I enlightened him, and received the inevitable question.
  • Mr Burton enlightened him.
  • Miss Kling immediately enlightened him.
  • Gradually, however, this enlightened era passed away.
  • But I was destined to be enlightened later on.
  • Where I stood was enlightened by the moon.
  • Hear the enlightened Cicero on the subject of commerce.
  • They have enlightened me; and so I see it all now.
  • I suppose England never had so enlightened a monarch.
  • I knew that I should be enlightened soon enough.
  • Had Skeel enlightened Dulcie any further?
  • Miss Kaye, however, soon enlightened her.
  • Inquiry of Mrs. Halsey enlightened them.
  • He is a person only because he is a free being enlightened by reason.
  • The universe was brutalized by the very art that should have enlightened it.
  • It was when the booksellers were left behind that an incident enlightened him.
  • All human intelligences are more or less enlightened and cultivated.

Definition of Enlightened

educated or informed | Made aware of something | Freed from illusion
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