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  • This enlightenment does not happen by itself.
  • She needed enlightenment on many points.
  • What enlightenment can teachers of this stamp give?
  • But the moment of mental enlightenment was at hand.
  • The narrow-minded enemies of enlightenment are defeated.
  • The postman brightened, and enlightenment came to him.
  • At Brussels surely enlightenment must have come to her.
  • Knowledge and enlightenment can hardly have been greater elsewhere.
  • Its advance is increased enlightenment of the understanding.
  • Nor did he attempt to offer the least enlightenment on the subject.
  • He studied me carefully for a bit, then enlightenment seemed to dawn on him.
  • Now some of the opinions of Chaumette were full of enlightenment and hope.
  • Mrs. Sand's enlightenment was evidently doubtful.
  • By the blessed enlightenment of the Spirit of the Lord he believes all this.

How To Use Enlightenment In A Sentence?

  • Sybel and his associates keep up with the enlightenment and liberalism of our times.
  • This sort of enlightenment is surely about the most unenlightened that it is possible to imagine.
  • Conversation with them was a means of diversion, not of enlightenment as to any special subject.
  • Thou hast become the cause of enlightenment and the wisher for the education of human souls.
  • We naturally look to our colleges for the evidences of learning, of enlightenment and culture.
  • The less enlightenment and reason men possess, the more zeal they exhibit for their religion.
  • In his whole treatment of slavery, Philo shows remarkable enlightenment for his age.
  • It was in fact an age of "aufklaerung," which means enlightenment or {120} illumination.
  • We must distinguish carefully between the two notions, Enlightenment and Democracy.
  • He did talk the matter over with Deacon Pettybone, but got little enlightenment for his pains.
  • It was far too late in the day to bring much enlightenment to Mrs. Dormer-Smith.
  • Further enlightenment and insight into the ways of nature can be expected from these efforts.
  • My purpose is to accustom the weakling to the atmosphere of enlightenment which is fatal to all religious phantasms.
  • And how could money be spent more economically than to promote the further enlightenment of the medical profession?
  • In the religion of enlightenment the divine attitude tends to belong to the poetry and eloquence of religion rather than to its cognitive intent.
  • That instant of mutual enlightenment for two such natures was not alone an ineffaceable memory but a sacred though wordless betrothal.
  • He made a third at their games, turned an attentive ear to the thriller or added his bit to the enlightenment of the conversation.
  • But how about direct taxation, the manly sacrifice of free peoples, the plummet by which to sound the enlightenment of a nation?
  • The way in which, as before said, it appears to me it should be met, is principally by enlightenment as to the purposes of interference.
  • Herein my chief glory lies; and whatever enlightenment my destiny has boasted, streams from that radiant point.
  • Though religion was their main object, these establishments were among the chief means of spreading general enlightenment among the people.
  • Before the war, in spite of much enlightenment of the social conscience, unity between classes was still far to seek.
  • This enlightenment is pretty sure to come to them later, if the Bible has been their daily text book.
  • The progress of enlightenment means that more or less all the time, and very profoundly at certain critical times, society must change its habits.
  • The beginning of this social task, then, is the enlightenment of the peoples as to the immorality, waste, and ineffectiveness of war.
  • To compete with Strasbourg, was it not needful that Besancon should become a focus of enlightenment as well as of trade?

Definition of Enlightenment

An act of enlightening, or the state of being enlightened or instructed. | A concept in spirituality, philosophy and psychology related to achieving clarity of perception, reason and knowledge.

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