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  • Let him not be afraid of ennui from idleness.
  • There is none of the ennui of insomnia.
  • It was my little gesture of ennui that accomplished this.
  • They sought to allay their ennui by eating and drinking.
  • Fashion, ennui of, 326.
  • Ah! quel ennui de ne pas savoir!
  • Castle Ennui is the bastile of modern life.
  • C'était Calixte, satisfait d'exhaler son ennui par cette simple interrogation.

How To Use Ennui In A Sentence?

  • Un profond ennui et une inquiétude secrète semblaient miner les ressorts détendus de son âme.
  • The ennui of unused powers and corroding heart-hunger had made the Princess old before her time.
  • The Count made many apologies for the ennui which his story would, perhaps, occasion.
  • After the ennui of this disappointment her heart once more remained empty, and then the same series of days recommenced.
  • Thus the feeling of ennui and reaction which had marked the first weeks of her married life had now wholly disappeared.
  • But he could wait; and he turned to think of what he should do to drive away the ennui which oppressed him.
  • Caligula the genius of insatiable appetite; and his martyrdom was the torment of lust and ennui and everlasting agitation.
  • He had said he was ill, but she had never completely slain the suspicion that his illness sprang from ennui and disinclination.
  • Devoid of a taste for reading and writing, they managed to drive the ennui of their lives by the songs of these dancing girls.
  • She would ride the most restive horse, she would do anything to break the ennui and monotony of the long days.
  • At that time, her whole life was spent in adding variety to the life of the king and in distracting the ennui which pursued him.
  • She held out her hand, and the minor question of a dead wife and a discarded husband was put aside until further ennui should overtake them.
  • Women suffer, it is asserted, more from dulness and ennui than from all other sources, injuries and disabilities put together.
  • That ennui hung heavily on his hands was manifested by the announcement during the summer that Churchill had taken up painting as a pastime.
  • He whistled, he sang, he screamed, he stamped, to get rid of the ennui of travelling with so silent a companion.
  • Yes: they at least can look forward to a termination of the ennui of existence, but for us Celestials there is no prospect.
  • Society forgot its ennui and settled itself complacently to listen to a piquant story of scandal, intrigue, imposition, and robbery in high life.
  • I will learn to make the home pleasant, I will work harder, and leave no time for ennui and discontent.
  • She had decided ten minutes after they had arrived in Bernay-sur-Mer that she would die of ennui if she stayed there.
  • Great was the prevalence of ennui in these fortresses, in which there was but little sunshine and a great dearth of all other refining and civilizing influences.
  • Yes, actually, led on by ennui and solitude, I had gradually arrived at dreaming of and looking forward to this absurd marriage.
  • A stranger is thus soon introduced to an acquaintance with the people, and if he is travelling alone he will find at these tables some relief from the ennui of his situation.
  • But unless we know something positive to the contrary, the outcome of all this progress may be nothing but a more undisturbed ennui or a more soulless sensuality.
  • This is a compensation to those persons who do not often have an opportunity for enjoyment; little is required to satisfy them, whereas ennui sometimes besets those who are always holiday-making.
  • There are such youths still in the world; the miseries of ennui and discontent, and the feeling of being constantly bored, have not yet penetrated into every circle.
  • At any rate, she never descends to such depths of ennui and selfishness as do the old bachelors who loll about on the club sofas, or who dawdle discontentedly at afternoon teas.
  • And we did not fail to put the advice into practice, for never did a minute of ennui or of weariness, never did the slightest trouble, disturb our bliss.
  • His most desperate expedient up to date had been to enlist, but the discipline and routine of the barracks made even ennui seem desirable, and he bought himself out after twenty-four hours of agony.

Definition of Ennui

(transitive) To make bored or listless; to weary. | A gripping listlessness or melancholia caused by boredom; depression.
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