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  • One was an enormous bunch of violets.
  • He fetched an enormous sigh.
  • Bruce came in carrying an enormous basket of gilded straw.
  • There is a new factor, enormous and quite unknown.
  • His own fist, rough with toil, seemed enormous beside it.
  • I emerged from enormous silences upon Margaret one evening.
  • The friction in nature is so enormous that we cannot spare any power.
  • Mills emitted an enormous cloud of smoke out of his distended cheeks.
  • I felt nothing now but an enormous and overwhelming regret....
  • An enormous throng filled the Mittel-strasse, snarling with rage.

How To Use Enormous In A Sentence?

  • Near them were the shooting-galleries, looking like enormous chimneys that had blown down.
  • This enormous mass bruised the head by one of its corners, and killed her immediately.
  • On which the prisoner chattered some time about the feast, and the dance, and the enormous goat.
  • Kitchener, though not essentially a good organizer, was a man of enormous driving-power.
  • Their missiles did enormous damage to railway centers, docks, bridges, aerodromes and arsenals.
  • Emerged later as the Munitions Act, it conferred enormous powers upon the Government.
  • He took an enormous dram and then slammed the bottle down on the table and drew his sleeve across his mouth.
  • It is rather heavy, and is of enormous strength, but in most other respects it is highly commendable.
  • He gave one enormous start of fear at the sight of the swift white figure flying at him out of the night.
  • To the enormous majority of persons who risk themselves in literature, not even the smallest measure of success can fall.
  • He advised the immediate reduction of the army, sustained at an enormous expense, and no longer needed.
  • Its enormous body consisted of a wooden framework covered with canvas, and in its interior a series of cabins were provided.
  • The enormous lamps hung white and opaque; the huge mirrors reflected the cheerful light of the afternoon sun.
  • You see, she has never seen such an enormous town before in her life, nor yet so many strange people.
  • No sense of her goodness, her injury and nobility, and the enormous generosity of her forgiveness, sufficed to mitigate that.
  • It was an enormous loggerhead, and, with its huge head and powerful flippers, presented a decidedly aggressive appearance.
  • Along one of the walls there was the whole complicated apparatus of solid brass pipes, and quite close to it an enormous bath sunk into the floor.
  • The bottom of this new part of the gorge was not open and grassy, but studded thickly with enormous trees clad in dark heavy foliage.
  • The first thing that made its appearance was an enormous ham of a color and plumpness that would have inspired the pencil of Teniers.
  • Its eruptions produce enormous quantities of pumice, and deep layers of mud, volcanic sand and pumice surround it on the plateau.
  • The rosy-coloured damask curtains, which form a baldachin over it, are tied to the branches of enormous jasmine trees by heavy golden tassels.
  • Another thing I was conscious of, strangely enough, was the enormous brass bowl for cigarette ends.
  • The cultivated land round each ancient Saxon manor village was marked off according to the custom of the time into three enormous unfenced fields.
  • Although the Germans undoubtedly scored a slight success by their occupation of Dixmude, they did so at enormous cost.
  • Our country has instituted a program of construction for these super-dreadnaughts, and before long they will form an enormous aerial weapon in the hands of our airmen.
  • In the midst of this gorge an enormous and completely isolated rocky pillar stands upright, looking for all the world as if it had just fallen from the skies.
  • Beyond a certain size the airplane would require engines of such enormous size and power to support it that it would be practically impossible to build and operate them.
  • She indicated, with an expression of terror, an enormous picture which was suspended above the door, and which represented the Sibyl of Cuma.
  • Its bazars, which many people regard as the finest in the East outside of Stamboul, are of enormous extent and very great variety.
  • In the sculpture, of which there is an enormous quantity, he had the assistance, as principal sculptor, of Guillermo Doncel.

Definition of Enormous

(obsolete) Deviating from the norm; unusual, extraordinary. | (obsolete) Exceedingly wicked; atrocious or outrageous. | Extremely large; greatly exceeding the common size, extent, etc.
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