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  • This will ensure their lying flat after drying.
  • Mulvaney caught me by the elbow to ensure attention.
  • I want to ensure the quality of the quarter deck.
  • But to ensure a sale abroad, how would you proceed?
  • The hesitation sufficed to ensure to Juliet the victory.
  • This will ensure that fresh rubber always rests upon a clean support.
  • Captain Jeremy neglected no precautions to ensure the safety of his vessel.
  • It will only cost Y.R.H. a few lines, and ensure the best results for me.

How To Use Ensure In A Sentence?

  • The nature of her relations to him should ensure the preservation of her name to posterity.
  • He must have seen the thieves and they treated him in some way to ensure his silence.
  • What a position would it not ensure me in the next world; or perhaps even in this!
  • Is it beneath you to ensure the largest possible amount of your own 'way' by the simplest means?
  • A thorough system of common school education is the only means which can ensure these high advantages.
  • The evidence that we have heard is amply sufficient to ensure a conviction and there will be plenty more when the police go into the case.
  • If you choose to reside there, you must previously take measures to ensure your finding your account in it.
  • It was a little difficult to know how he should begin; what was the best method to ensure a full confession.
  • It was therefore clearly necessary to make the reduction to such an extent as would ensure the stopping of the contraband trade.
  • Tityrus is here pictured as going to the city to ask for his liberty, which would in turn ensure the right of ownership.
  • A disciplined brain will at once show the unnecessariness of most ambitions, and will ensure that the remainder shall be conducted with reason.
  • The power and originality of the work will ensure it a wide sale, and secure a popularity for its author enjoyed by few.
  • I saw that if we remained in the carriage it must be broken in pieces, as our weight must ensure its destruction.
  • The prints should be kept constantly on the move whilst in the solution, and turned over and over to ensure equal action.
  • It was considered necessary in some instances to punch a few small holes near the base of the drum in order to ensure a very slight upward draught.
  • The object of the system of education in this Republic is to ensure in the first place the foundation of general knowledge.
  • But he still needed to prove his potency in real ways, and at regular intervals, in order to ensure their continued participation.
  • It resolved itself, therefore, into a question of the skill of our negotiators to ensure a tolerable peace for us, as the result of the conference.
  • The best course now was to return at once, and ensure the failure of the plot by warning the Emperor before the conspirators suspected anything.
  • There was a time when women could ensure their families pure food, good milk, clean ice, proper sanitation.
  • Although the speed is slow, nothing is left undone, on the most isolated lines, to ensure comfort, not to say luxury.
  • It is true she was not certain, that such a step would ensure the happiness, or even meet the approbation of Frederick.
  • She slipped tow from Number One seaplane and fired several revolver bullets through its floats to ensure its sinking.
  • These should be picked out before the latex is strained, but obviously it would be better to ensure that they did not enter the buckets in the first place.
  • The acid should be poured into the latex while stirring, and the agitation should continue for such a period as to ensure thorough mixing in all parts.
  • Hence to ensure justice the governmental organization should be such that the limits of the various powers of the government be carefully defined and its administrators be kept within those limits.
  • For this he was murdered three days later, and by the crime they hoped to ensure that on the next occasion the landlords would abstain from voting at all.
  • One should not seek quarrels, but, "being in," one should do one's best to ensure that one's opponent thought twice in future before seeking them.
  • In this way it was felt the Demand would be established that would, according to the beliefs of that time, inevitably ensure the Supply.
  • So that Loyd is booked for a pleasant journey, and I start to-morrow, to ensure him all the happiness in my power to confer.
  • If they cut down the cherry-trees and let the land for villa holdings they will ensure an income of two thousand five hundred pounds a year at least.
  • When I resorted to it, I generally did so in doses sufficient to ensure a purgative effect, and never with a view of exciting ptyalism.

Definition of Ensure

(transitive) To make a pledge to (someone); to promise, guarantee (someone of something); to assure. [14th-18th c.] | (intransitive) To make sure or certain of something (usually some future event or condition). [from 18th c.]
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