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  • How are we going to ensure the safety of our evidence?
  • I want to ensure the quality of the quarter deck.
  • This is enough to ensure the equilibrium of the almost imponderable atom.
  • Isaiah had thus taken immediate steps to ensure the fulfilment of his prophecy.
  • Unhappily for us, the colonel has found a way to ensure the delay.
  • Captain Jeremy neglected no precautions to ensure the safety of his vessel.
  • If you can only ensure the Emperor's favour, that doesn't go far.
  • It will only cost Y.R.H. a few lines, and ensure the best results for me.
  • Twill ensure the general a better night's rest to receive such tidings.

How To Use Ensure The In A Sentence?

  • The nature of her relations to him should ensure the preservation of her name to posterity.
  • The quacks are not satisfied with this single effort to ensure the death of the bill.
  • Ensure the production of sound individuals, and you may set at naught the environment.
  • This will ensure the peace and composure of every people, government and nation.
  • He would ensure the safety of his position once and for all, and leave nothing to chance.
  • Is it beneath you to ensure the largest possible amount of your own 'way' by the simplest means?
  • He asserts that, in order to ensure the soundest sleep, the head should lie to the north.
  • This monstrous sacrifice must not take place, even were it to ensure the whole family welfare.
  • Many devices are used, however, to ensure the adhesion between concrete and bar being perfect.
  • You must ensure the correction yourself, and it will be the last I shall forward this month.
  • You can ensure the safety of your defense if you only hold positions that cannot be attacked.
  • But the desire to ensure remembrance of events is not in itself sufficient to ensure the existence of literature.
  • Enormous numbers of eggs are laid to ensure the preservation of the species when left to fend for themselves.
  • It is possible to have children without marriage, and marriage does not ensure the procreation of children.
  • The second is to ensure the peace and tranquillity of mankind, and provide all the means by which they can be established.
  • The quota which will ensure the apportionment of all the seats among the lists without remainder is ascertained by trial.
  • It was therefore clearly necessary to make the reduction to such an extent as would ensure the stopping of the contraband trade.
  • Every precaution was taken to ensure the success of the voyage, but the expedition proved a most disastrous one notwithstanding.
  • Thus the very points in which they differed seemed, in some measure, to ensure the continuance of their mutual affection.
  • Matthew had not understood from Christ that any such things were necessary to ensure the salvation of the soul.
  • The principal object of all mail arrangements is to ensure the transit of the letters and papers to destination with the utmost possible despatch.
  • The exposure of the ore to this action is continued sufficiently long to ensure the more or less complete oxidation of the ore particles.
  • The animal might be the source of the food supply, or might have to be propitiated to ensure the food supply.
  • Tityrus is here pictured as going to the city to ask for his liberty, which would in turn ensure the right of ownership.
  • The purpose of this ceremony is to obtain exemption from the indescribable misery of widowhood, and ensure the enjoyment of domestic happiness.
  • Arms and armaments will, then, be no more needed beyond that which is necessary to ensure the internal security of their respective countries.
  • However, she knew that twenty pesetas given to the hall-porter would ensure the note reaching its destination.
  • They naturally regarded with no great favour the man whose present aim in life it was to ensure the largest output possible.
  • It is claimed to ensure the planting of seeds at equal depth in hard or soft ground, and to diminish the draft.
  • We might, it is true, take many measures to ensure the colorless and harmless character of the system.
  • But by other persons it was so much admired that Trefusis hoped it would ensure the prosperity of its designer.
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