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How To Use Entente In A Sentence?

  • It might be taken as certain that there were such men in the pay of the Entente agents.
  • We can only hope that the Entente is now strong enough to survive even these shocks.
  • For my entente is nat but for to winne, And no-thing for correccioun of sinne.
  • Whether the Triple Entente was content with blandishments alone history will show later.
  • Your mission is to assist naval operations of Entente Powers in every way possible.
  • It is thought that the incident may lead to an Entente between Germany and Russia.
  • I had already been accused of every other imaginable crime by the Jingo and Entente Press.
  • Cette affaire d'Egypte aurait pu servir de base a une entente avec l'Angleterre.
  • As was to be expected, the Entente rejected the proposal while the Central Powers agreed to it.
  • And has not the Entente sacrificed Greek interests when Italy was occupying Vallona?
  • He was killing over the entente between the government and the monks for the suppression of the monasteries.
  • It may be declared that Delcasse created the Triple Entente and thereby saved France and Europe.
  • Banks were founded with Entente capital and employed to ruin the trade of the nations that subscribed it.
  • He said that it would be wrong to infer that he had any critical thought about our entente with France.
  • The idea was for all hands to forget rank for a while, get into the game, and so cement the entente between the two nations.
  • Their say in this matter should be governed by the extent to which they aided the war, on the Entente side.
  • Germany could, under these circumstances, have herself compelled these Powers to an entente or even an alliance.
  • A few days later his passport was presented to him; at the same time the Entente granted him a safe conduct.
  • Except for her being able to do so she would have been forced out of the war and the Entente Allies would have been defeated.
  • Apart from this, he had always warned us against mentioning peace, because this would be interpreted by the Entente as weakness.
  • For, with an unfriendly Entente interesting itself, no war which broke out was likely to be capable of being kept localized.
  • It asked for the dispatch of representatives of such Entente States as were disinterested in the local national question.
  • But there was another safe test which the Entente Governments could have applied with profit to the situation.
  • President is of opinion that Note sent to him by the Entente was a piece of bluff which need not be taken seriously.
  • But that was only one aspect of a larger and more momentous business which the financiers of the Entente Powers had to set themselves to tackle.
  • And in this policy Czech soldiers continue by surrendering voluntarily to the Entente troops whenever they have the opportunity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Entente | Entente Sentence

  • The Entente would not have it.
  • The entente with England.
  • Gradually all the Entente merchantmen were armed.
  • Antwort der Entente vom 30.
  • You alluded to the French entente as an unnatural one.
  • The Entente and Austria.
  • The Entente Cordiale was already talked of.
  • The Entente did not acknowledge the Russo-German peace.
  • So let's sit down together and do an entente for an hour.
  • The furthering of an economic entente by abolishing tariffs, etc.
  • Indeed the Alliance or Entente started much like a marriage of convenience.
  • Zwang der Entente zum Angriff bewogen wird, ist schwer zu entscheiden.
  • But without the help of the United States, the Entente could not win.

Definition of Entente

An informal alliance or friendly understanding between two states.
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