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  • The students enter for long periods of study and follow those studies which do them the most good.
  • In the morning the abbey porter opened the great doors of the house of God so that the people might enter for early Mass.
  • In those days Kingsmen did not enter for the Tripos, but received a degree, without examination, by ancient privilege.
  • When we make a feast and ask you to come to it, we want you to do so; but if another anito kills all your relatives, there will be no more houses for you to enter for feasts.
  • Whether you will or not it fascinates you; you enter for a moment, and stroll about through the little alleys between the stacks, as numerous and complicated as the twistings and turnings of a maze.
  • The priesthood of the believer is not merely his right to enter for himself into the immediate presence of God: it becomes his duty and privilege to represent others.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Enter For | Enter For Sentence

  • I resolved to enter for two.
  • This emboldened me to enter for the great stakes.
  • Do not enter for too many events in a tournament.
  • Oh, I should enter for those stakes, certainly.
  • My class, in a body, had urged me to enter for all the "events" I could ...
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