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Definition of Enterprises

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of enterprise | plural of enterprise

How To Use Enterprises In A Sentence?

  • These persons are the bane of the enterprises in which they condescend to meddle.
  • His personal share in both enterprises had to be limited to the backing capital.
  • Her attitude to nearly all his moods and all his enterprises was a sceptical disapproval.
  • The methods of crime have changed just as the methods of other enterprises have changed.
  • It is true that such gifts were for the purpose of aiding enterprises for the good of the people.
  • The wartime pressing needs of the industrial enterprises have caused the barriers to be removed.
  • The various gigantic enterprises he served as president or director occupied most of his time.
  • We will in secret plot the ruin of all the enterprises of Satan and his cohorts.
  • And men, over enterprises so extremely new and so untried as railroads, most diffident.
  • These, however, form only a small portion of the business enterprises in New York.
  • It is at such times that the boy is captured by the tales of daring enterprises and adventurous good times.
  • It is at such times that the boy is captured by the tales of daring enterprises and adventurous good times.
  • Accordingly, their occasional requests that they should carry through enterprises of this nature were consistently refused.
  • England is occupied almost uninterruptedly, in warlike enterprises in some part of the world or other.
  • The laws of nature are relentless; they do not yield in any particular to the enterprises or the wishes of society.
  • I have had the misfortune to be left comparatively cold by many of the enterprises and proclamations of my country in recent times.
  • Men have attempted much, and some of them have given themselves to their chosen enterprises with extraordinary devotion and tenacity.
  • What marvellously fine aspirations and noble enterprises cross the sick man's fancy!
  • A new and better spirit must vivify schools and colleges and philanthropic enterprises than that which has prevailed in older nations.
  • Since then, luck and shrewdness combined had helped him on, and he had interested himself in all the great enterprises of both worlds.
  • I glimpse for a bewildering instant the heights that may be scaled, the splendid enterprises made possible.
  • A hundred, a thousand good deeds and enterprises could be carried out and upheld with the money this old woman has bequeathed to a monastery.
  • The Porsslanese resolutely resisted all these benevolent enterprises and doggedly expressed their preference for their ancient customs.
  • But the time for such enterprises on the part of the rebels, if it ever existed, has evidently passed by, and is not likely to return.
  • The ecstasy was cooled now, and he saw clearly that London and theatrical enterprises therein would not be suited to his genius.
  • The cant of Imperialism was easy to learn and use; it was speedily adopted by all sorts of base enterprises and turned to all sorts of base ends.
  • However, in enterprises of this kind you are in the hands of your friends; there is nothing for you to do but to abide by what they consider to be the best course.
  • He is treasurer of most of the current enterprises and he is recognized as a leader of distinct influence in the several political parties which control public affairs locally.
  • There was a time and it was not so many years ago, when heads and executives of large enterprises did not realise this as fully as they realise it today.
  • It is impossible that it should have been otherwise, considering the nature of man, and the character of many of the instruments by which great enterprises are accomplished.
  • It is only in recent years that individual business enterprises outside of the manufacturing field have grown to such importance as to bring a large number of employes under one management.
  • Everything was so carefully thought out, and so clearly expressed, that the man who was accustomed to deal with vast business enterprises was simply delighted.
  • It certainly is not a misfortune that this Association is forced to measure itself with other benevolent enterprises in making its appeal for sympathy and support.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Enterprises | Enterprises Sentence

  • His enterprises have proved unfortunate.
  • Think you such enterprises are forever passed away?
  • All desire to start upon new enterprises was killed.
  • In all the stories of these enterprises the devil played a conspicuous part.
  • What enterprises might have been made fruitful by his useless money!
  • Naught deters thee from thy enterprises after thou hast entered upon them.
  • What erratic railroad enterprises suddenly pass at our State capitals!

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