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How To Use Entertainment In A Sentence?

  • As if to compensate for the failure of the entertainment all joined in seeing them depart.
  • It seemed to him ridiculous that a man should derive so little entertainment from such a fact.
  • The entertainment was much too early for a lady who never left her rooms till after noon.
  • The entertainment did not amuse me much, but I had nowhere particularly to go to.
  • How make our entertainment striking, new, And yet significant and pleasing too?
  • She had found but small entertainment in the lady to whom Mrs. Allison had introduced her.
  • As for Mr. Wildfoot the robber, we suspect that he has had fine entertainment at our expense.
  • The success of this entertainment was such that before they separated another expedition had been planned for the next day.
  • The worst of the storm was over by afternoon, but no entertainment was given until the next evening.
  • The boys were brisk and ready for the evening's entertainment when the hour arrived.
  • Yet mere flippant excitement and superficial entertainment is nothing but a cheap counterfeit of what is needed.
  • The recountal of his performance would doubtless afford much entertainment to the pair in the post-office.
  • To give wholesome entertainment in the rural districts, which from necessity are more or less isolated.
  • Great historical interest has always attached to this house, where the best class of entertainment is to be had.
  • All had returned rested and refreshed, and were eager to go on shore in search of further entertainment and instruction.
  • The fourth day after birth a name is given to the infant, and on the sixth an entertainment to friends.
  • About half the seats were occupied when the second entertainment began, but during the programme as many more came in.
  • Neighboring tribes act as hosts in rotation, each striving to outdo the other in the quality and quantity of entertainment offered.
  • When the entertainment had become nearly unbearable, he conceived the idea of gripping them between his fingers and putting them out of commission.
  • We don't think that sort of thing necessary for the entertainment of our friends in England.
  • She had been surprised to find that entertainment came to her door unsought, in the form of constant arrivals and departures among the neighbours.
  • There is a sombre "routine" in these cases, so recognized that each goes tolerably well prepared for the species of entertainment before him.
  • Even Bob did not venture to take her part; he grinned down over the banisters, and enjoyed the entertainment immensely.
  • This festival, given ostensibly for the entertainment of my friends and to introduce my charming nieces, is a part of my deep, ulterior motives.
  • Dick and Billy took up the burden of the entertainment of the party, and gave at least an excellent imitation of inspirational gaiety.
  • Light entertainment about inhabitants of a high-class European bordello, including a young recruit protected by an older woman.
  • The trustees and librarian are not hampered in their work by inability to collect subscriptions or the failure of an entertainment to return a profit.
  • The meetings usually occurred in some Grange hall, the Grange furnishing entertainment for the guests.
  • They are supposed to be told by ten old women for the entertainment of a Moorish slave who had usurped the place of the rightful Princess.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Entertainment | Entertainment Sentence

  • Everything for their entertainment was prepared.
  • They hardly ever had any entertainment without her.
  • I thought you were giving your entertainment in the library?
  • Just then the entertainment broke up and the guests began to leave.
  • The entertainment they gave us is of a kind that palls with repetition.
  • For all the worry you gave us, we found entertainment in you.
  • Such a remark at such a period in the entertainment caused Billie to laugh.
  • In a word, the (whole) entertainment is excellent and wonderful.
  • It is just the very last kind of entertainment I should ever dream of giving.
  • I entered and found the Variety Entertainment was "on.
  • And so Tom Osby's entertainment came to an end for that evening.

Definition of Entertainment

An activity designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion, amusement, or relaxation to an audience, no matter whether the audience participates passively as in watching opera or a movie, or actively as in games. | A show put on for the enjoyment or amusement of others. | (obsolete) Maintenance or support.
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